A father will always be a father

A father will always be a father no matter how old he may be- this I’ve came to know as a fact as I got to stay at our house 3 days last week.  Being a single professional, I’ve gotten used to going home at random hours. But last week was different

at 6:00pm- my dad would call to ask me where I am
at 7:00pm- he would ask me what time i’m going home
at 9:00pm- he would worry sick and make sure that I take the safest way home

I wonder how he would react if he finds out how late I go home when Im in Manila-please don’t tell him 🙂
But I was secretly happy that he worries over me, I AM SECRETLY HAPPY…..

…whenever he says my dog misses me because that’s his way of saying “i miss you”

…whenever he would tell me countless stories of our numerous pets
> because i know his gentle and generous heart has stayed the same from the moment i understood
that the reason behind all our pets are the numerous times he took pity at one and brought it home

…whenever he would ask me what time will I come home because that simply means that
he’ll tell my mom to cook my favorite meals and he’ll even cook it himself at times-
> he’s a great cook by the way

…whenever he would ask of the places I’ve been because i know next after it he would tell me
of the places he’s been of which I’ve never thought he has ever visited-he’s cool like that

…whenever he would say “thank you” after I said “I love you”, and yes he means “i love you too”

MY DAD IS THE ONLY ONE who cries at my simple gifts, he’s the only one who cries even when I make wedding jokes, but he cries mostly when I pray for him- i don’t know if I’ll ever meet a man as soft-hearted as he is.

My dad is also the only one i know of who has fed, clothe and send off to college 7 children even if he himself has not even finished high school. (but of course Im biased, this blog is for my dad 🙂

My dad is the only one i know who is a farmer, mechanic, technician, plumber, electrician,carpenter,driver,cook all rolled into a tiny built man-I wonder how he got to be so skilled, maybe its the effect of 7 children 🙂

My dad is the only one i know who would choose not to eat food if mine got spilled over and there’s nothing left in the kitchen, the only one who would “hunt” down a man in the field if he ever tries to cross me (he did this for real years ago), and i guess he would literally lay down his life for me if the occasion calls for it.

In the world’s eyes my dad would not be seen as famous, rich, educated nor an achiever but in my eyes he’s all of that and more because all of his love and sacrifice has enabled knowing God as my Father something tangible, and real. In fact my father made it so easy for me to see God as my Heavenly Father , to relate with Him without fear or shame , to relate with Him with audacious faith, to relate with Him intimately and to talk to Him freely-THAT’S MY DAD’S BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT.

So to all the great fathers out there, to those aspiring to be one and those being redeemed to be one, be the father that would point your children to their Heavenly Father, at the end of time it is actually the only thing that would matter the most.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! all your love, sacrifices and hard work bears testimony of the kind of love and sacrifices our Heavenly Father is willing to give to all His heirs and children