More than a beauty to rescue

Singing with the animals, dancing in the forest, pretty dresses, ogres, dragons and witches-like any other girl my childhood was filled with beautiful princesses and the dashing knights that rescued them. Those stories filled my dreams- that one day I would become a princess and my prince who shall bravely rescue me will come and get me and we shall live happily ever after in a great, grand castle

But as i grew up much as I love all those fairy tales, for me there is something missing-the princess’ adventure, why are they always just sleeping, waiting on a tower, imprisoned in the house and all. It all appears boring for me, if that’s only what a princess will do-then I would not aspire on being one anymore. Sadly, a lot of women today has reduced their real dreams into fairy tales-they had traded of lives of adventure into a just-waiting-for-my-prince-charming-to-come state. They would not take risk, do something brave, nor pursue their God given adventure.

Thus i loved the series of Once Upon a time because they have totally recreated my most loved fairy tales and have all given it a new twist. Like this conversation between Belle and the Beast:

Beast: What made you choose to come here with me?
Belle: Heroism. Sacrifice. You know there aren’t a lot of opportunities for women in this land to show what they can do, to see the world, to be heroes. So when you arrive that was my chance I always wanted to be brave, I figured do the brave thing and bravery will follow.

I believe that we should all aspire for being more than a beauty to rescue.
God has  wired us for a great adventure as well and we should never miss it
That’s why I love the Bible and how the women there are so out of the box, so un-cliche stories:

Deborah: the prophetess turned commander of an army
Jael: the homemaker turned  heroine 
Sarah: the granny turned mommy
Ruth: the seductress turned noble woman

And my latest fave: Esther: The Beauty Queen turned Leader
I actually just recently watched One Night with the King, a movie made way back in  2006 and i totally like their interpretation-its action packed, with a little love story and of course the biblical context were really there. My favorite scene was when Esther entered the Kings Court unannounced:

When we read it in the Bible, if our imagination is not that creative, then we might not be able to capture its true essence, the weight of it, the bravery that Esther has shown:
“I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish” 
WOW, I honestly don’t know if within my lifetime I will have the capacity to do that or say that even but I want to have a chance for a great adventure and Im glad that a lot of women has taken that step way ahead of me. 

Women who defied the world’s mold and insisted on a God -given identity.

Rachel Ong ,

Jeanne Mayo 

Lynette Lewis

even our very own Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio just to name a few

So here’s a shout out for the ladies out there:
Be a Mulan more than a Sleeping Beauty
Be brave, be bold 
Step up, stand up
Dream big and don’t lose hope
Take risk and evangelize
Travel and be an ambassador
Do your best to be a model to younger women
-we all live by faith and grace anyway
Don’t shy away from opportunities to lead
-it its from God, He’ll enable you to do it
Initiate conversations, don’t play hard to get
Speak about your Christ-redeemed past to many
Be an encourager not a nagger
Be obedient, not a brat
Train your emotions, don’t be an emotional wretch
Don’t limit yourself with what the world dictates
Rather live your lives to the full as God has intended it to be

Whenever, however, whatever it takes to do God’s will, 
dear women that’s our perfect place, identity and position 🙂