My mom, my unsung hero

My mom is an unsung hero

No renowned writer would have a chance to write about
An epitome of beauty no title or crowns required
She could have been a CEO, a lawyer 
or a world class businesswoman
for all the gifts and talents she has 
But as a lot of unsung heroes are 
she choose to be behind the limelight
choose to be a full-time mother, 
an excellent homemaker and a devoted wife
Choose to be my first discipler, my home-school teacher, 
my all subjects tutor,my personal hairdresser, seamstress, 
nutrionist from day 1 up to forever
Never knew a woman can have as many talents 
as she have until i met her
She is my life coach, the first one who taught me 
how to be a version 2.0
Braver, Bolder and Fiercer- that who she is
Knowing her i realised its possible to have 
7 kids, 0 helper and still havea happy, clean, fun and loving home
The list of her sacrifices-that one i could never get to write, because
it keeps longer everyday she has a chance to wake up and serve
The amount of love she gave-that one i could not measure as well
But one thing i know i could list down as her biggest legacy in my life
that is teaching the fear of God from the day I was born unto 
lifetime she gets to share with me.

Thats my mom, today you get a chance to know a glimpse of her
as for me i haver her lifetime to share with and eternity to worship God with