The Day God surprised me

Have you ever asked God to surprise you? I love asking him that request. Kulang na lang everyday ko sabihin yan ke Lord. We will always joke about it that since He hasn’t given me a boyfriend yet-its on Him to surprised me and lavish on me, I am demanding like that, sa Kanya lang naman eh JSo last night, the preacher at the prayer meeting gave this statement:

Sabi nya its time to stop holding on sa mga miracles that we have experience long ago, its time to experience a new one, lakas ng AMEN! Sa utak ko. So I told Him, surprise me nga Lord, tonight. It was 8pm and needless to say, the night passed by with the usual dinner with friends and lovelife story. But wait there’s more…

Backtracking a bit, I was quite discourage this week. While im all out raising my support for campus ministry, looking for people who would partner with us in reaching young people, my well laid plans and strategies seems to be not working. People cancelling appointments, FB friends disregarding my messages, it was tough indeed, 2 days ago I was really asking God to give me a faith boost to help me go on in what He has tasked me. Little did I know He has it all planned out already.

Ok so here it goes, have you ever ask God for shopping money? I do-such a girly whim I know. Lagi ko yang sinasabi kay God, I love clothes kasi but I’m a cheapskate when it comes to it.  The only times I buy clothes is when its 70 or 50% off in the department store, otherwise Ukay it is-yes im a certified ukay girl where blouses are just P50, dress are P100 and my favorite booths is P60-80. And I’m good at it too (sabi lang ng friends ko haha), dati naisip kong pwede kong maging trabaho ang Ukay shopper, yung ako yung taga-bili at taga pili lang para sa mga tao.

So eto na talaga, today since appointments did not push thru, I just decided to spend time with an elderly friend, she’s 79 years old. The plan is just to spend time with her and hoping to minister and be a blessing to her, watch a movie and have dinner. So off we go to SM Aura, she said she wanted to go around and shop a bit so I just tag along with her. She was wondering while I wasn’t looking around (sa utak ko lang, ang mamahal kaya neto lol)I was the one picking clothes for her kasi. Then she said: “just go and pick whatever you want”, I declined of course. She did that on 2 shops more after I still declined. On the third shop, she was the one picking for me already, she choose a top same as the one she got (I did not like it but of course I just said yes na). So I finally gave in and I was so excited, I’ve never have this opportunity of somebody asking me to pick what I want without looking at the prize. Oh gash I was like a child out on Candyland, well in this case its Forever 21. (oo, madali lang akong talagang pasayahin) I could not choose actually, I was so overwhelmed and feeling loved by God, the clothes doesn’t seem to matter at all. So tita kept on choosing for me. So here’s what I ended up with: 3 blouses (the most expensive ones that I’ll own so far), a necklace, a sunglass and a cute sandal. This is the most expensive shopping I’ve done so far and I did not shell out anything, God took care of the bill thru the generosity of my friend. I was speechless, beyond happy is all that I can say.

While we were eating dinner, I told her of how blessed I was and how grateful I am. She simply said: “that’s for doing a great job in the campus!” Muntik ng tumulo ang 1 tear ko sa left eye yung parang sa movies but of course pinigil ko sya.
I was overwhelmed not just of her generosity but more to the fact that God heard me asking a surprise. When she said I was doing a good job, it was like God affirming my call over and over again. It was God reminding me that He is my source and I should never worry of His provisions, that He has called me even to raise support and this is how its going to be-faith every step of the way.

Early this morning I texted this commentary for Ephesians 3:20 to some friends:
“We can ask God every good of which we have heard; every good which God has promised in His word; we can imagine, goods and blessings beyond all that we have either read or seen; imagine good things to which it is impossible for us to give a name; go beyond the limits of all human descriptions; we can imagine more than even what God has specified in His word.”
Telling them to NEVER PUT A LIMIT TO GOD’S GENEROSITY!  God proved it to me today- He is generous, loving and faithful J As I started this blog, Im going back to what the speaker said:
It’s time to require an experience for what we believe!
Remember that it is God who said this: “Prove Me nowby it, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”Malachi 3:10-11 Amp