Happy Hunger Days

I love this year’s prayer and fasting theme “HONOR GOD”. As a Victory Member this is something I’m familiar with as we are and will always be here to ” Honor God and Make Disciples”. bu this week these 2 words would be truly dissected, narrated and meditated on. I know that this is something fresh and new that needs to be reinjected in my veins, it cannot be a byword, a mission statement posted on a wall or printed on a sticker, its something we need to live out. It has to be something going to my bloodstream, passing to all my system breathing life a fresh into my body, soul and spirit.

Lord in this battle field of honouring you I am honestly left clueless. How easy it is to honor our friends, family and leaders as personally we have a ready set of filter and measurements of love, commitment and sacrifice. In my eyes I can easily weigh and measure somebody’s contribution in my life (which I’m sure as its best is even faulty), but how do you give weight to the one that sets the standard of weight? You are only reason such law and standard exist. The only One behind we can now understand the very concept of the word “Honor”. You have defined everything that is honourable and not, You have given me measures that I have often fallen short of and if not by your grace and mercy I know I will not stand, So today, with my feeble hands, meagre words and limited vocabulary, I will honor you with the simplicity of what human minds can conjure up-rustic words and raw heart:

I honour you Lord for the very life and existence of everything I know of to be beautiful and true-everything that this world contains and the very depths of all your creation.

I honor you Jesus for being my constant Saviour and Redeemer inspire of who I am right now and who I constantly choose to be.

I honour you Holy Spirit for bearing with the frailty of all the saints here on earth, for choosing to dwell on filthy rags as we,

I honour you Lord for choosing to love me, and teach me, bearing that everyday cross of knowing what Im made of-flaws and all and embracing all parts of me.

I honour you Lord for choosing me to be a vessel of your calling no matter how small ang insignificant we all are.

I honor you Lord for the minutest details of my life, the nanoseconds of orchestrating every atoms on earth to make sure we breathe and live a full life.

This should be an infinite loop of immeasurable things that needs to be defined to honor God, but for now this will suffice as we all should all be  living, breathing God honouring disciples of Christ.

Happy Hunger Days to my fellow churchmates! This is bound to be an exciting 5days of seeking God and being hungry for more of Him in our lives. Cheers to a great start!

The first time I’ll be posting my actual journal log!

Hello 2015! as a new year would begin I want to try something fresh and new, raw and unfiltered, brave and passion-filled-so I will try posting my actual journal notes, yes I do love writing but posting it on the public that’s another thing. So here goes the first ever Journal note of 2015, hoping that you’ll get something fresh and new as the new year comes in:

The past few last months of 2014 has been quite rough more than I wanted it to be as a look back at God’s awesome faithfulness vs. my insatiable heart. Millions of things I thank God for, thousands Im really grateful of, but then there’s this nagging thought of that 1,2,3 dreams unfulfilled then all of a sudden its the story of that small black dot in a vast clean paper. Yes, aren’t we all like that sometimes when the year draws to a close and 2014 starts to fade and we see, this and that dreams coming to an end. Or it might have been just me-wicked and flawed. How fitting it is that as of this moment, my face has just been cauterised and it shows the unsightly evidence that a skin disease has been tolerated on my skin.

Let the flaw show and let God’s laser of forgiveness shine on them and kill one by one the things I have tolerated to grow-big or small, intended or not circumstantial or it might just be a wound that needs to heal, all of them should be exposed and  the pruning process shall begin.

So goodbye anger and control because you have no part in me. My Master is in charge and He exacts justice in His own time and will and I shall not interfere.

Goodbye pride- I deserve nothing and will not get anything beyond what God wills; which in fact is the most liberating truth as I know He loves me and won’t deprive me of what’s best.

Goodbye wounds and pains-intentionally inflicted or not, painfully scheme or something i just run into, may you all be completely healed and supernaturally forgotten.

Goodbye unanswered prayers and wounded faith-you did not make it in 2014 but maybe it is only I who have wished you to be there and not my Father.

Goodbye 2014 dreams, I have another 365 days left to believe for you again!

Goodbye 2014 mistakes and bloopers,you have helped me see myself better and embrace God’s grace stronger!

Goodbye Babes of 2014, you might not finished the year the way you envisioned your year to end but God has made you ready and fit once again to run the race of 2015, you will stumble, you will fall, you will scrape your knees maybe a dozen times or more, You might be pushed aside by others people will go ahead of you and some might fall back behind but ran with no fear of pain, ran towards the goal your Father has set, run and beat your body to make it.

Run for the greatest adventure is yet to unfold once again, the one with your Father’s fingerprint written all over every details, structures, people and places.

Im ready for 2015!

Jesus, Founder and Perfecter of Our Faith

12 Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and wsin which clings so closely, and xlet us run ywith endurance the race that is zset before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, awho for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising bthe shame, and cis seated at the right hand of the throne of God.   #Hebrews