Ignite Aftermath II: Leadership Lessons BTS

If you want to catch up on Ignite Aftermath I here it is
Confession time, there are some bad leadership decisions I’ve made the last few weeks and how I wish I could turn back time and undo them- but we all know I cant. Times like this I can only rely on God’s encouragement, the power of His truth and His supernatural grace.  He just reminded me that:
Grace can also mean the acceptance of the reality that mistakes are bound to happen as we continue to lead, yet we cling on to the truth that His call and great plans remain in tact and on track. We can never mess up God’s plan nor diminish His faith in us!
And we can also CHOOSE to repent, apologize, bounce back and move forward. If you made a mistake the past few days, don’t beat yourself up, don shrink back from leading, and never listen to lies. Embrace correction, grow up, look up (shame is from the enemy) and stay on track.
On the other hand, today’s blog highlights some great leadership examples I’ve observe behind the scenes at Ignite 2015.
The true heart of leadership is a heart willing to serve and sacrifice
From every student volunteer who, instead of just sitting down, listening and learning, CHOSE to help, pack ids, do the designs, attend never ending rehearsals, stand up for 3 days as an usher, prayer warrior or part of security…To every young professional who has supported the never-ending, over-priced fund raising items of the students. These are professionals who even carved out days in their leaves just to be part of the production, or security or ushering teams stationed at the yellow area, giving their support and energy. To every campus missionary and Every Nation staff going above and beyond the call of duty, sacrificing whatever they can.To the businessmen who have sown in campus ministry, who even offered their cars and houses just so some of the delegates can stretch their budget to attend the conference.
I remember in this picture of the VIP lounge at Ignite Day 3:
Joe was giving instructions to those who are going up to pray for the different spheres of influence. You can imagine how unnerving it was, in a sense that there are lots of great men and women there from different field,even one of the senators of the nation was there. I really loved it when Senator Gringo Honasan said this: “Whatever you need me to do, that’s what I’ll do”There was no sense of entitlement, no hint of needing any VIP treatment.
We salute you, everyone, for everything you did and continue to do.
Leadership is fuelled by unending support and commitment to the cause and to one another
This is one of my favorite shots during the Ignite Pre-conference:

It was the first time one of our Hub leaders, Jeff Dacumos, would stand up and preach to a crowd of 4,480 student leaders from 36 nations. We believe in him. We knew he would do a great job but nothing could fully capture how supported he is by these campus directors surrounding him and praying for him.
This other picture is Dan Monterde, our conference director, rallying more than 686volunteers a few minutes before gates opened, reminding them that this is not just for any great event, or church or for the leaders, but its impact is on the generations to come.

And if that’s not enough, the brilliant people behind Ignite decided to launch the newest committee we have for Ignite: Volunteer care, a built in program inside every committee to ensure that everyone working within, around and behind the scenes knows exactly that they are fully supported and we’ve got their backs.
Leadership requires audacious faith to do the impossible

Given the chance to do a video on Ignite, I would really love to make one just on how much faith our student leaders have shown all throughout this season, especially with all the fund raising activities needed to be done. Some people don’t understand just the amount of faith a student from the province needs to muster just to be able to join this annual event. Here are some examples of their faith in action:

Our students from the Visayas and Mindanao regions needed to raise up around P10,000 for airfare, accommodations and food. While it may not seem like much for some, that is way more than the amount their parents are earning monthly. For some of these kids, it’s actually their first time to ride a plane, to go to Manila, to see a mall and to watch a movie.

I’ve heard so many stories of great faith one is a student from General Santos who had to endure wearing a mascot costume for 2 hours just to earn P200. A student in Iloilo did manicures and pedicures to raise funds. A girl from Davao who colored other people’s hair. Our students in Tacloban made coffee jellies until midnight to sell at our Sunday Service the day after.

To every student leader who believed that God would bring them to the Ignite Conference and every campus missionary who never gave up on bringing as many students as they can through whatever means-your faith is such an inspiration. Thank you for not giving up!!

To be continued….

Ignite Aftermath part1: Embracing Change

Too much has happened this week and not writing it down would be a lack of stewardship on my part as so much has been deposited in my life. Yes, I’ve been blessed, first and foremost, to witness what God has done, shown and changed all throughout these months culminating at the Every Nation Campus Conference: Ignite 2015 and followed by the International Campus Exposure Program.
So much have been said, there are too many lessons learned and relationships built, but at the end of the day, our obedience to what God has called us to do matters the most, our commitment to stay on track and to continue everything that God has changed and transformed in our lives, by His grace.
The lessons are there to inspire us and give us a vision for the future.
From the Father heart of God, to changing our campuses, to going to the nations – 
everything sounds like a tall order when we process it all at the same time. It’s like putting truffle chocolates, Wagyu beef steaks and large prawns all in one blender (or in a purely Pinoy fashion: lechon, adobo and kare-kare). They are all amazing to eat but putting them all in a blender and drinking the juice in one gulp would have a terrible effect on us. We might even throw everything up, wasting all the good deposits given.
Processing and phasing our steps is crucial.
Baby steps are ok!

Daily obedience,
waiting on God’s work in our life
partnering with the Holy Spirit
cannot be underestimated in becoming the world changer
God sees us to be.
One step at a time,
no comparison with anyone else,
this is the beginning of your personal journey
with God’s plans-not yours, not your leader’s or what you see others will do.
Inhale. Exhale. Baby steps are just as good as 1 giant leap.
Finding the right people to walk with is as important as the journey itself.
By the grace of God, He will finish and perfect His work in our lives, but the joy of it is you don’t have to do it alone.
Even as we have daily counsel with the Holy Spirit, God has surrounded us with people who will keep reminding us that we are wired and purposed to fulfill His call.
They will be our cheerleaders when we fall,
our counselors when we get lost,
our trainors when we lose sight of the goal.
Covenant relationships works!

As good daily renews our spirit and as we feed our bodies with healthy food, covenant relationships are the fuel of our souls.
a.   Seek them out, walk in humility and give them permission to see your life in all its glaring colors and darkness.
b.   Receive instruction, no matter how they may be painful at times.
c.    Celebrate small victories and keep on bouncing back from every mistake.
d.   Be someone’s covenant sister/brother, walk with someone committed,  watch them grow and move into the exact place God wants them to be. 
Be bold, be brave, be faithful!
Heaven has been opened and marching orders have been given.
Do not shrink back, do not go back to worldly things nor good things that you have done in the past. This is the time to stake your claim in every land, dream and vision that God has given. Quit whining or complaining or making excuses- remember that the Holy Spirit who is now Ignited in you is greater and beyond anything of this world. Put on the full armor of God, meditate on His word day and night, pray unceasingly, preach the gospel boldly. It’s time to show the world what you are made of. It’s time to be a light in every dark corner He has placed you in. You are called for such a time as this!

So stand up, make your life count and together as one body we will CHANGE THE CAMPUS and CHANGE THE WORLD!
Here I am send me!