When FOMO gets real

While there are a lot of people who loves pioneering and jumpstarting new things-I happen to be not one of those gifted to just embrace life’s spontaneous gifts. But as you know in life curb balls are thrown and it sometimes brings you to seemingly undiscovered territories and adventures. So here you are in the unknown weather it’s a new season, a new location, an untimely crisis, a transition from the joy of everything familiar to jumping to a totally brand new phase. All you can do now is embrace it, love it or hate it there’s no turning back. Welcome to your new life of unlimited uncertainties as well as possibilities.

You try to move forward and navigate slowly, you find out its not as scary as you initially thought and it gives you hope to walk further. But then you realize you have people around you who are living the exact same life they have always have along with other friends and families sharing the same environment you used to be in- this is the moment you sometimes wish there’s not much of this social media going on to remind you that you are in fact MISSING OUT on what everybody seems to be sharing together and that’s where it hits you – FOMO might be real!                                                                        

FO·MO (ˈfōmō/noun/informal)                                                                                    anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

My sentiment exactly haha

Its happening to you everytime you open your viber messages and facebook thread. There are days that its get to be easy and sometimes its just overwhelming and you wish you can just teleport yourself.          “Beam me up Scottie!”

What to do when FOMO hits you?

Acknowledge its real,

Its happening and its not you getting weirdly depressed or annoyingly lonely- you are missing out on a lot of things you familiarly love and enjoy and its normal, its part of the transition process and you are not alone in all of this.

Be on the hunt of finding out

So you are missing out, acknowledge it yes but don’t let it swallow you! Step out and explore your beautiful new season and territory. Every  season has its gem and its up to you to find out what exactly it is. There might not be a lot of people who can understand what exactly you are going through but its time to find out a new bigger community you can reach out to and a whole lot of new people you can build connections with.                       Every season has its special reason for being real in you life- explore and enjoy!

Celebrate milestones

Celebrate the milestones of your friends and family though you cant or are not physically there. Its not about what’s happening or not happening to you. Find ways to be there in different ways- don’t you just love all the emoticons viber and facebook has created, I love how what we physically cannot convey can somehow be captured in those crazy emoticons. Be there for others, give what you can to your outmost ability.

When you feel like you are missing out, pour out!

Develop the gratefulness habit

I have this new memory verse that I have place on my wall:13661878_10208443192830861_5190439006914417890_o

And it may seem to be such a super simple task but I found God’s truth is the ultimate cure to a crying soul.

Thank God for a brand new beautiful day daily. One pastor’s wife told me she always start her day and ends it finding at least 3 things she can be thankful, I think its such a beautiful habit to develop.

Declare His steadfast love that is real no matter what my circumstances may look or feel like.  Found out re-aligning our thinking re-calibrates our hearts and renews our spirits.

Celebrate His great faithfulness at night. You can never go wrong intentionally thanking God every waking hours and celebrating everything at the end of the day.

When FOMO gets real, enjoy FOFO- the Faith Of Finding Out (no matter how corny or cliché it sounds) all the glorious things this season has for you, go into countless adventures you never have the chance to do in your past and be brave to build bridges for new relationships.


Author: Babes Bato

My name is Babes for real and I was born on Valentines day. I love Jesus and its my joy to be a missionary. I believe on challenging women to fulfil their God-given purpose And I want a front row seat on seeing young people change the campus and change the world!

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