What to do when healing takes time

Hand writing Time to Heal concept with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

Last week from an intense stomach pain and vomiting, I was rushed to the ER, after 8 hours waiting and tests, I was then rushed to the OR to undergo appendectomy-needles to say it was a crazy 24 hours from a normal work day straight to the hospital.Going to the hospital was quite a big deal for me. Why? simply because its my 1st time and for so many reasons why we all hate being hospitalise and to make things worse complications arose and I needed to stay for 5 days.

It was quite intense but I learned so many things being a patient for 5 days about the healing of our physical bodies and some ailments of our soul. Here are some of them:

Healing takes time even if the remedy has been applied! So don’t be an overachiever in this season and have more grace as well for a person undergoing healing and restoration.

Complications can happen as part of the procedure; but it can also happen due to neglect and mistakes. Let’s take heed !

Routine checks are crucial in keeping progress. In as much as I barely had any sleep with the constant checking of vital signs by the nurses- that routine strictly monitored my health. Same thing goes for our heart and our soul, it needs regular regular check-ups to avoid a cluttered  and weary spirit. Our bible reading, our constant sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and covenant friends are always ready and available to check our hearts and souls for free, so have a daily dose of it!

Healing requires a team effort not a solo event. From the daily delivery of food, to the maintenance cleaning the room, to the nurses, residents and specialised doctor- healing comes quickly with the help of a team- don’t isolate and never do it alone.

No matter how good the food are, when appetite is gone, its almost useless. Kinda reminds of how sometimes in our zealousness to help a person, we shove as many truths to them as we can(Im so guilty of this haha), I realised it will be better if we give them only what they can understand and absorb for this season. Bite size portions of truth, a great dose of encouragement faith and hope!-

Patience, patience, patience  to yourself, to your wounds, to the people constantly poking and checking on you, to the medicines constantly being given and to the people patiently walking with you.

Communicate, communicate, communicate -your progress or even the lack of it, everything that seems unusual-let the doctor or nurses decide what information is helpful or not. Communicate and keep on asking question. People cannot easily discern what you need at times unless you tell them directly-ask for help!

Words spoken, time spent and gifts given matters, no matter how quick, no matter how simple. Sincerity and thoughtfulness goes a long way in breathing life to a soul.

I thank God that no matter how much pain I have to go through, He is consistent and committed to keep me healthy mind, body and soul. I’m also thankful for covenant friends who’s committed in walking with me every season of my life.




Author: Babes Bato

My name is Babes for real and I was born on Valentines day. I love Jesus and its my joy to be a missionary. I believe on challenging women to fulfil their God-given purpose And I want a front row seat on seeing young people change the campus and change the world!

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