My World Conference Highlights Part 2

Our heart is so full and our spirit filled with every great adventure and surprises God has lovingly prepared for all of us at the Every Nation World Conference so here’s part 2 of my highlights for this trip: Check out part 1 here

The faith stretching supernatural provisions

I have countless stories of our campus missionaries testimonies on how God has provided for them for this trip, from a family who has completely blessed one of our campus missionary airfare and free accommodation to a luxurious hotel, to last minute special gifts to a money being saved up 3 years before this event took place. We are so blessed to take part in this event, we thank God for provision, we thank God for sowing a vision in our heart, we thank God for everything has been deposited in our lives.

We are super proud of our campus missionaries (specially the younger ones) who took that step of faith to register super early to the conference and believed until the last end and saw God’s faithfulness.

The Global Friendships Built

Though I wont remember all the names of people I have met, the joy of having this so much friends from all over the globe was amazing. Everyone just keeps on building, connecting, eating out, inspiring one another, challenging each other’s faith to honor God and make disciples.

I’m so privileged to meet a LOT of students and campus missionaries from our family here in South Africa, and though externally we look super different coming from 2 continents-im glad to have heard the same passion and faith, some of the same challenges and struggles we all go thru as well as we pursue to advance His Kingdom. But the best part of it is the willingness to try and hear one another’s story, going the extra mile to connect and built even if we are continents apart and the desire to lock arms in building a stronger team to change the campus change the world!!

The Unceasing Passion to Reach the World

During the International Staff Meeting, our Regional Leaders were inspiring us on what God is doing in different continent- I saw so many heroes of faith, people who has laid down their lives in sharing the gospel no matter what the cost, pastors, missionaries, young professionals and even students are now on different parts of the globe sharing the love of Jesus to a world starving from the true Saviour and and real love.

But this scene touched my heart the most: our spiritual family in Europe consistently plowing thru hard soil, planting on the seeds on the gospel no matter how long it would take to bear fruit. This continent who has long been missionaries to the world has now become a ripe mission field and our leaders has called us the continents of Africa and Asia who has been recipients of the gospel from Europe to lock arms and GO and sow that same seed of the gospel back to this continent.


Watch the video of the prayer here!

Let’s all set our alarm 9:38am every morning and pray for workers to be sent into this mission field, for partners to rise up and send more missionaries and for prayer warriors to intercede for Europe.

For everything the Lord has shown this week, everything He has made known, the people I have the privilege to meet, the places too beautiful for words, His presence that is so real and His love made tangible in every language and expression possible. Thank you Lord,You are the author of impossible dreams come true, our faithful Provider, our loving Father who bring us to the best adventure ever! The World Conference gave us a vivid picture of what you are calling us to do, the people from every nation gave us a glimpse of Your image in different colors, shapes, sizes, culture and age. And all together we say “Here we are! We will GO!!”

My World Conference 2016 Highlights

I can’t imagine where to begin writing about this experience- it’s supernatural, its awesome, a God-sized dream come, a history marker and a personal encounter all wrapped up in one only its so so so much more than that! But here goes some bits, pieces and nuggets of the grandest event this year in our Every Nation family:

A Picture of Consistent Committed Leadership

This week I got to see Ptr. Steve, Ptr Rice and Ptr Phil all in one event- the founders of our movement. I’ve known them since I was a student and in my almost 2 decades of being part of this family (I started in Kid’s church btw-hahaha joke!) –their consistency, commitment and character is a shining beacon of great leadership for me, more than their giftings, more than their vision, more than their accomplishments. I’m sure they are not perfect, but I love how their radical passion from the moment they stepped into our nation as fresh graduates is still as the same if not greater for sharing the gospel to the next generation.

Salute to our founders and spiritual fathers, also took the chance                to photo-op with Ptr. Phil Bonasso 🙂

A Growing Multigenerational Movement

We are a multi-generational movement and as much as we put emphasis on raising up the next generation of leaders , the steady presence of our heroes of faith who has paved the way and remains to build also continues to inspires us to be pioneers and history makers, both is vital and important for our family. I have a glimpse of this attending the different workshops in the conference

From this young boy being trained by his mom to encourage and prophesy to our senior leaders at the Prophetic Workshop


To this lovely couple in their golden years who just decided to be a cross cultural missionary in our Cross-Cultural Mixer:

what a great example of faith

Its never too late or too early to serve God!

This is Ethan sharing to me what he learned at the Kid’s church conference:


To these amazing people working behind the scenes:










God has indeed called us ALL to GO and make disciples, no one is exempted!

The presence of loving spiritual fathers

One of my most favorite part of this conference is observing the dynamics of our leaders-in front, alongside and even behind the scenes. And while much is to be told of a lot of people’s humility and servant leadership, the evidence of having spiritual fathers is what Im most grateful about.

From making sure that our Jesus is the centre of the whole event more than the vision, to ensuring our core values is at the forefront, to emphasizing on raising up the next generation, to that gentle nudge that we have to be healthy and take time to rest, to a push to preach the gospel no matter what the cost is-this is fathering at it finest, God giving us spiritual fathers, God fathering us all throughout the process.


Our spiritual fathers praying for our regional leaders


More highlights on the next blog…

Cooking and Cross-cultural Campus Ministry

If there are two things I’m currently learning and re-learning right now- its cooking and campus ministry. I’ve always thought that because my mom has taught me to cook at the early age of 5 that I would never miss Filipino food because I know how to cook them, but going to another continent left me clueless as all the familiar things and ingredients I was used to being available is not easily found.

The same thing is to be said about doing cross-cultural campus ministry, you think you’ve trained and harnessed yourself in ministering to the youth of your nation and then all of a sudden God calls you to another continent, another culture, a totally different environment and now its step 1 all over again.Here’s some lesson’s I’ve learned 6 weeks in the beautiful nation of Kenya. May it be an encouragement to all cross-cultural campus missionary newbies:

Observe and enjoy the local food.                                                                Before I left the Philippines, I was talking with 2 veteran cross-cultural missionaries from Tibet and Nepal and I was asking them how do you learn the do’s and don’ts of nation as of course I don’t want to do anything offensive to the nation. They only have one answer: OBSERVE!!I found it so simplistic and yet one of the best advise I got.                                   So 6 weeks in here right now I’ve learned that as much as we love a daily dose of rice, Kenyans also has a regular pattern of eating and its generally meat and a variety of carbohydrates to go with it-ugali, chapatti, noodles, mash potato/unripe banana and yes occasionally rice.

On the other end, Kenya as I’ve observed is quite a religious nation (much like the Philippines), families value attending church together on a Sunday, most of the students I’ve met recalls being in kid’s church wether its Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian or Moslem. A lot of the students are often part of the church where their parents are in and they are not ashamed to say it. Taking note of this value and culture really helped us to focus the discipleship on asking questions on the depth of their relationship with God (vs teaching per se) and probing on their perspective on church and discipleship.

Stick to the basic food you’ve cooked hundred of times.                                So I found out I can only eat Kenyan food so many times, but my Asian palette would still come out. So I’ve tried cooking adobo- it was fine but the soy sauce here was different. The sopas really went well -its perfect for the weather here! Bistek also was well loved as beef here is super cheap and their staple meat. The not so successful ones are chopsuey-I guess its too oriental for their palate and beef caldereta- I couldn’t find the right tomato sauce here as I found out their catchup=tomato sauce.

Likewise going to the campus consistently, prayer walks, doing 121 and small groups is smoothly effective. There are a little bit of difference in how you approach it but applying the principles of discipleship truly works- no need to invent a new one just customize a bit so that it will be received better by the culture you are in. An example of this is how we package our small groups, in the Philippines we call it Victory groups, for here we are calling it “Discovery groups”, I thinks its quite a novel idea coming into a culture that is very much saturated with great bible scholars and teachers, it encourages our students to really encounter God personally thru His word, it gives them an avenue to speak up and say their thoughts about the passage and not just listen to an expert teacher.

Share recipes and learn the local cuisine.                                                        So far I really loved their nama-choma which is basically grilling of meats, (south Africans calls it braai)I enjoy it with kachumbari (salsa). I also enjoy chapatti (much like a burrito wrapper) with beef stew, as well as samosa (like empanada) with milk tea.

I have yet to attend a local church here but I would seriously love to, I hear some of the church around the neighborhood and them praying and worshipping for hours is really something I would love to be imparted on. One of the student is inviting me to attend a keziah- an overnight worship and prayer meeting-Im super curious, I’ll share with you once I got a chance to do it.

Some of the challenges they faced here as shared (which is much the same globally as well) to me by the locals are “missional” thinking- the urgency of evangelism and even the vision to disciple other nations; the heart of discipleship and Lordship- the knowledge of do’s and don’ts is very strong and evident, but the challenge of finding someone to walk you through the journey is much more real; a church that focuses on young people is also not common. I think any disciple of an Every Nation church would seriously see all these challenges as perfect opportunities and reason to plant churches here.

Barely short of 2 months and this nation has been such a great teacher to me, but the grace to learn and unlearn, the joy to persevere and trust, the commitment to grow and mature that I can only attribute to the best Teacher of all- Jesus!

Lessons from the Legends: Standing Strong

Last Thursday we got the privilege to hear stories of faith, endurance and leadership from 3 legends in ministry, their messages were simple and uncomplicated but it really cuts through our heart and spirit and really spoke volumes to us. Today I’ll share my take on what Ptr. Ferdie imparted to us. Ptr. Ferdie Cabiling is one of the fathers of our movement, he’s been advancing God’s kingdom for decades and he’s one of the senior pastors that I know of who still hasn’t graduated from being a campus missionary as he’s literally evangelizing students every chance he has. He’s currently the director of all our Metro Manila churches.

Ptr. Ferdie’s topic was on standing strong to the finish and it was a breath of fresh air indeed specially with all the good transitions happening in our movement. By default yes we understand and we know that we need to stand strong and stay healthy in the ministry but truth be told along the way we have unnecessarily picked up weights and baggages that unconciously have now accumulated, we have gotten used to and tolerated. I myself am guilty and and I couldn’t happier with God’s conviction in me though the process was quite painful.

Baggages can be as simple as an unhealthy habit that has grown too big over time, little compromises here and there, undisciplined emotions left unchecked, good relationships that requires necessary endings to experience what’s best. Whatever form it might have taken, we are currently carrying it all on our shoulder, we feel it, its slowing us down and taken its toll but we have still allowed, tolerated and indulge it.

The Bible was very clear on what we need to do with it: Hebrews 12:1

“Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles”  NIV

“Let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily strips us up” NLT

“Let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely” ESV

Let us (intentionally, deliberately) throw off everything that hinders our complete devotion to God, our focus and single-mindedness, anything that distracts or misaligns us from His purposes and perfect will.

a. Throw off any guilt and condemnation of the past and even of the present. Focus yourself on God’s truth.

b. Strip yourself off any unmet and impossible expectations set on you even by good people (or you think they might have)

c. lay aside the pressures of this world, more so your towering expectations of yourself (say this with me: hindi ako perfect :))

d.  let go of legalistic mindsets and convictions, be wary of sticky ideas thats sounds so great and yet not bibilical

e. fight against accusations against your leaders, family, yourself and even God

f. kick out bitternes, anger, fears, selfishness, greed, doubts and unbeliefs

The Bible is clear that in order to finish this race and run with endurance, this we must aggressively do. What a breathe of fresh air indeed for everyone who’s heavy laden, for every heavy heart and downcast spirit. Breathe life unto us Lord. speak your truth in our minds.

Ptr. Ferdie ended his message us by reminding us we have this help:

  1. Cheering Crowd- men and women of faith from ages ago to our current leaders, mentors,family and friends. Look out for for them, reach out to people that will inspire and encourage you to run with endurance.           “Since we are surrounded by such a huge cloud of witnesses to the life of faith ” Hebrews 12:1 NLT                                                                                          What I gleaned from Ptr. Ferdie’s message was to have a posture of confidence as we are running this race, he would say words like:       “Every time Im preaching and leading, I know (Ptr) Steve is backing me up, I know the apostolic team is behind me cheering me on”.                   He recounted how he literally cried seeing all the pastors and even Ptr. Steve joined him at the finish line of his Run 50 across the Philippines.                                   To all you leaders and ministers out there, never believe the lie that your pastors and mentors are not rooting for you, they believe in you, they want you to finish and succeed. Never mistake the personality, manner nor frequency in which it has been conveyed mislead you into thinking this is not truth.
  2. Champion Coach: Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith                  “We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus,the champion who initiates and perfects our faith” Hebrews 12:2 NLT                                                           Jesus, the one whose applause only matters, is never out there to see us stumble or fall,rather He has finished the line, won the victory for us and is now walking us through and the only reason that keeps us standing strong.                                                                                                             I’m cheering for all of you!!



UP Naming Mahal

Posted by Babes on Mar 16, ’09 10:41 PM via MULTIPLY

There are so many ways I can answer this question
I can say, blame it on my proud and brainwashing teachers who have instilled a great pride in me for being part of this university;
(I can hear their voices reverberating in my mind: “There are only two schools in the Philippines, UP and _________ “ whoah what a proud claim hehe!)
I can also say, blame it on my sisters who have graduated here who have their minds set on preparing me to be in this university and nothing else.
 And then there’s the great community in LB, that feeling of knowing almost everyone else, that when you see each other in another place, you just know if that person came from UPLB, right?
 The great Mt. Makiling, raptors in Botanical garden, trolley in IRRI, fertility tree, C park, kwek-kwek Tower, Papus siomai, proven .buco-pie and Mer-nel’s cake, atbp.
 Add to it the frat rumble, the rally and demonstrations, the death threats during election, the org hazing. (habulan ng tubo, hagisan ng philvocs during my batch), and the “jumping jologs” gate crashing the fair, where else can you find a more exciting university?
 BUT the truth is there is only one reason why I love UP
I met Jesus in UP, He transformed my life and I was never the same afterwards nor did I look at UP the same way after.
(If I met him in Ateneo, La sale or Mirriam, I know I’d have the same intense emotion for these campuses. But for now, my heart has been captured by one.)
I can grow old serving God in this university. I may not live to see the whole university transformed to serve Christ, but I know my children’s children will.
(My pastor used to tell me: “One day we will see all UP students undergoing 121 as a prerequisite in entering the university” Hmmmmm, why not?)
Today I will choose to help pave the way.
God has placed me here as a student for a purpose and even now as a campus missionary to continue what He has started.
Some people stake their claims on land, titles, positions and society sectors.
I choose to place my stake on this university.
I firmly believe that amidst the confident, proud, intellectual and activist look, every student apart from God is harassed and helpless deep within.
I firmly believe we are not just called to be great leaders, scientist, socialist, Nobel prize winners but on top of that be great servants, ambassadors and radicals for God.
I am greatly convinced that out of the 22,000 students walking its very pavement right now will rise up our nation’s best and brightest future lawyers, doctors, inventors, engineers, artist, tv personalities and even senators, congressmen and presidents.
I want to have an opportunity to share God’s love to them, an opportunity to tell them about how God can transform their life to something beyond their imagination, a chance to leave a legacy.
I dream of it producing the next Martin Luther, Winston Churchill, Mother Theresa, Billy Graham and not the next Hitler, Stalin or Ferdinand Marcos.
I dream of it producing a new generation of God-fearing leaders who will usher our nation to prosperity and unity. There is nothing really impossible in the God we serve.
And it is this intense cause that compelled me to write with audacity what’s burning in my heart. With the hope that as you chance to read this, you’ll have a deeper sense of destiny and reason why God has placed you in that specific work or university. With the trust that as God has moved me to follow Him here and remain here, you’ll have the same trust that there’s a commission He wants you to be drafted in.
The only question that remains is are you willing to see your university the way God wants you to see it? Are you willing to be a history maker in your Alma Mater?
I would like to end this as a real Iskolar ng Bayan would:
“Kung hindi ikaw, sino? Kung hindi dito, saan? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan?”