My World Conference Highlights Part 2

Our heart is so full and our spirit filled with every great adventure and surprises God has lovingly prepared for all of us at the Every Nation World Conference so here’s part 2 of my highlights for this trip: Check out part 1 here

The faith stretching supernatural provisions

I have countless stories of our campus missionaries testimonies on how God has provided for them for this trip, from a family who has completely blessed one of our campus missionary airfare and free accommodation to a luxurious hotel, to last minute special gifts to a money being saved up 3 years before this event took place. We are so blessed to take part in this event, we thank God for provision, we thank God for sowing a vision in our heart, we thank God for everything has been deposited in our lives.

We are super proud of our campus missionaries (specially the younger ones) who took that step of faith to register super early to the conference and believed until the last end and saw God’s faithfulness.

The Global Friendships Built

Though I wont remember all the names of people I have met, the joy of having this so much friends from all over the globe was amazing. Everyone just keeps on building, connecting, eating out, inspiring one another, challenging each other’s faith to honor God and make disciples.

I’m so privileged to meet a LOT of students and campus missionaries from our family here in South Africa, and though externally we look super different coming from 2 continents-im glad to have heard the same passion and faith, some of the same challenges and struggles we all go thru as well as we pursue to advance His Kingdom. But the best part of it is the willingness to try and hear one another’s story, going the extra mile to connect and built even if we are continents apart and the desire to lock arms in building a stronger team to change the campus change the world!!

The Unceasing Passion to Reach the World

During the International Staff Meeting, our Regional Leaders were inspiring us on what God is doing in different continent- I saw so many heroes of faith, people who has laid down their lives in sharing the gospel no matter what the cost, pastors, missionaries, young professionals and even students are now on different parts of the globe sharing the love of Jesus to a world starving from the true Saviour and and real love.

But this scene touched my heart the most: our spiritual family in Europe consistently plowing thru hard soil, planting on the seeds on the gospel no matter how long it would take to bear fruit. This continent who has long been missionaries to the world has now become a ripe mission field and our leaders has called us the continents of Africa and Asia who has been recipients of the gospel from Europe to lock arms and GO and sow that same seed of the gospel back to this continent.


Watch the video of the prayer here!

Let’s all set our alarm 9:38am every morning and pray for workers to be sent into this mission field, for partners to rise up and send more missionaries and for prayer warriors to intercede for Europe.

For everything the Lord has shown this week, everything He has made known, the people I have the privilege to meet, the places too beautiful for words, His presence that is so real and His love made tangible in every language and expression possible. Thank you Lord,You are the author of impossible dreams come true, our faithful Provider, our loving Father who bring us to the best adventure ever! The World Conference gave us a vivid picture of what you are calling us to do, the people from every nation gave us a glimpse of Your image in different colors, shapes, sizes, culture and age. And all together we say “Here we are! We will GO!!”

My Dad My Superhero

Today my dad turns 83, what a supernatural miracle indeed as 2 years ago he’s been diagnosed with aortic aneurysm and the doctor says its literally a ticking time bomb that can explode anytime. My dad is indeed defeating the odds daily, he’s my real life super hero and everyday I get to spend with him is a miracle in itself.

But this is not the first time he has by God’s grace defeated the odds, through all his labor and hard work, he who just finished an elementary degree sent all 7 children to finished college in the university. Not every dad gets to do it for his children and we are so grateful he pushed himself hard to give us the best education. To date he was not able to get for himself any  insurance, no retirement plans , no medicals as well, but even as he has faithfully provided for all of us, daily I get to witness God’s faithful provision on his life as well. Behind my super hero is my Ultimate Super Hero for all of eternity.

My dad also received Jesus as his Lord and Savior at the age of 74, that was almost a decade ago. Statistics would tell us that as people would age they are more unlikely to surrender their lives readily to God, but here’s an encouragement to all to never stop believing and praying for their family to have a personal encounter with God-for He who promised is faithful to complete what He has started in us!

But the greatest odds that he conquered was being the best father to all of us- he could have easily given up being married too young, disowned and forsaken by his own family , not having any proper jobs, no land to till (his skill being only that of a farmer) and having so many mouths to feed too soon in the marriage, but he didn’t. My dad persevered, he sacrificed, he gave his all, he was loyal and committed to our family, and though in the eyes of many he is far from what a perfect dad should be, he has been exemplary in all the things that mattered most and that is the most important thing for me.

I pray for my dad every moment that I can because although he has proven himself to be my real life super hero already Im praying for one more odds for him to beat that is to beat more years and be a grand father to my future children 🙂 Cheers!!

Cheers to all these impossibilities lovingly given by my Perfect Father in Heaven.


Better Together: Sharing Testimonies and Covenant Friends

The first Wednesday of the month is something I always look forward to. Monthly we have our Every Nation Philippines Meeting and all our campus missionaries Metro Manila gets to reconnect and see each other -the classic extrovert me is just super happy to see so many people.

But these women are some of those on top of my list of people to spend time with, why? because we have been sharing lives the past few years and we have grown better  just from sharing our pain together, our laughters together, life’s challenges and also its victory. We intentionally built relationships with each other and today we get to enjoy its fruit thru teaching and coaching one another and simply being covenant friends.

Every meeting was unique , but if there’s always one thing consistent with our meeting we never go home without bringing a peace of each other ‘s victory and powerful testimonies. Today I got to hear these stories of personal and ministry answered prayers from these women of faith:

  • a dream condo that is rented out at a super cheap rate:                           Renting a cheap condo in Metro Manila at the place nearest your work is a piece of heaven on earth if you know how traffic is in Manila. Finding a cheap one is almost close to impossible, so to have a couple personally approach you and say: we meant to buy this house and rent it out for business, but God is challenging us to partner with you thru this and rent in out at the cheapest possible rate. Now that’s close to impossible and you know its only God’s hand and favor working and did I say its fully-furnished as well? Keep on believing God for your dream house at an impossible price.                                                                                                                                                          
  • the joy of biking and moving on                                                                         A lot of students think that their campus missionaries are like super men and women, how we wish we really are like that and that we don’t get hurt, stumble or fall. But the reality of life is real and challenges are a constant reminder of how much we all live under the grace of God’s goodness. I love the fact that no matter how personal our story sometimes gets these women are never lacking in humility to share their vulnerabilities, to share their stories, to ask for prayers and to enjoy the comfort of spiritual family and love the freedom accountability brings.                                                                                   
  • the power of being a blessing to an establishment                                      With all the counselling and one on one discipleships we get to do every day, we cant help but sometimes really based our “office” on a fast food chain nearest the campus we are ministering to. But this campus minister took it to the next level when she started praying for that establishment, believing God that she’ll get to share our vision of reaching students to the owner. Lo and behold, she got to do that and beyond, she got so much favor that they are willing to rent out their function room for free so that a discipleship group could meet their once a week and pray for the campus nearby. Truly we serve a good of unending faithfulness and surprises, don’t be afraid to believe for the impossible.                                                                                          
  • the joy of celebrating new seasons and existing ones                            Whether you are currently super challenged in your transition or enjoying a new season, nothing beats celebrating and sharing its joy and pain to a  group of covenant friends-someone who have seen how you started, people that walk with you in this journey, the same people who’ll be celebrating with you or comforting you in succeeding and trying.                                                                                                                                             I guess this is one of most important aspect of this constantly meeting together, we learn about commitment to a person’s growth, we challenge each other to believe for greater things, we celebrate the diversity of each one’s strength and wintogether as they fulfil their calling. We open our lives to previous “strangers”, we intentionally build trust and ended up being friends. We share endless stories of God’s faithfulness and endless lessons from His word and are in a constant cycle of discipling others and discipling one another- Indeed we are better together.

Traveling and faith building part 2

A few days ago my flight has gone and I was left behind as my visa for this dream gift trip has yet to arrive. We live near the airport and the constant sound of airplane passing by is cutting thru my heart. I don’t  know what God’s plan is but Im still believing that another way will be provided amidst all odds. Today Im going to look back again at God’s faithfulness to remind myself that though i might not get to understand all of His ways, His will is always good, pleasing and perfect. May you get encouragements as well as you journey in this faith building called traveling.
There’s a part 1 to this blog by the way and you can find it here:
I was looking for a very simple video to explain how our muscles grow and i found this one:
I find it very unique that before our muscles actually grow, they are first torn and we have to experience pain, before the proteins take action and repair happens.
How apt is it in real life that its almost parallel to how we build our faith muscles, so many seemingly random circumstances turning upside down before turning right side up, so many things will come up, so many questions to be answered before we see God’s actual purpose slowly unfold. No matter how much we try to wish the process is not such, God’s give us grace to endure, hope to keep on moving and faith to keep on looking forward.

Traveling to another continent: The Kenya Missions Trip

There’s a long but beautiful back story to this but for now Im focusing on the journey itself.

I’ve always dream of going to Africa-aside from being really fascinated with their culture, all the people i’ve met from there has easily become my friends and of course the safari!!

One day i just found myself being given an opportunity to join our first ever church-planting in Nairobi Kenya, I have mixed emotions about it. The thought of going to another continent, learning a new culture and planting a church happening all at the same time was quite (understatement) overwhelming to say the least. Nevertheless, by God’s grace, my leader’s affirmation and my friend’s and family’s support, I finally have the courage to go.

First there was the visa needed, I have 3 failed visa attempts going to the US before so this was the first challenge. I tried applying online but after a week long of trying to submit it nothing’s happening, please bear in mind that this was 2 weeks before i have to fly out. I tried doing the manual way but then they are asking new requirements not on the list. Just when i thought of giving up, i tried one last time and then it went thru. Three days later, it was approved miraculously.

Then it was time for the flight to be booked. As all my trips has been historically beating the deadline against all odds, this was no different. Im supposed to fly out Monday and I have set that Friday the week before, provisions by-faith should come otherwise i have to resign that Im not supposed to go. Friday came- I was full of faith!! yeah cmon!
But instead I wasn’t I was in fact too tired of convincing myself to believe
I was crying, praying and wondering why am I going thru this all over again. Then a message came and then a call and with it come’s the miracle of God’s provision. I cried lots because again God proved Himself to be faithful and on time. Kenya here I come!!

You would think that the storm had passed and there’s no more test but wait there’s more.
Hours before my supposed to be flight,there was a problem with my ticket
All my bags are literally packed and yes Im ready to go
After 2 hours of never ending phone calls and follow ups.
Yes I almost barely made it to my flight
But I did and I would never trade any of all these crazy experience for a smoother one

God gave me a crazy opportunity
He approved my visa in 3 days
Provided for my airfare in a week
Rerouted me to a better airlines in 2 hours
I have no contribution to this except my

Looking back i should have:
a. been more grateful than fearful of every God-given opportunity
b. looked for supernatural provisions than what my feeble sight could see
c. celebrated amidst the last minute mishap knowing that victory was already won

Next time I’ll do better, even as the faith muscles has been torn to pave way for a bigger one 🙂
Cheers to you who’s believing for an impossible miracle
To you who’s situation seems to be hopeless
To you holding on amidst all circumstances

Traveling and Faith Building part 1

As I’m writing this today I,m literally in faith for a trip I’ve been praying for quite some time. Supposedly I should be on the airport right now boarding on the plane going to a birthday trip given by my best friend but it seems other plans are in order. I should not be surprised! The truth of the matter is that all trips I’ve been outside the country were never normal,never worry free and never lacking in both adventures and excitement. You see traveling is one of my faith muscle builders!

My first trip
I had my first trip about 11 years ago, it was our school (School of World Missions) assignment to go on a 10 days Mission Trip and I couldn’t be more excited to travel outside the country for the first time. But the odds are against me, studying for 10 months is difficult as it is and we added in other subjects from ATS (Asian Theological Institute). That time my  financial partnership has dipped in to 50% less and raising partnership for the missions trip was excruciating doing in between reading 1 book a day, homework and not even having money to buy decent food. I did my best and as the song goes it wasn’t good enough to get me what I needed to raise up for the trip. Needless to say I was heartbroken, I have given up and settled things in my heart that I can no longer go.

But God has other plans, a day before my team is about to leave, my team leader called me and told me to go, I have 100 questions to which his reply was only “Bahala na si Lord, He will provide”
I have to wash and packed my clothes until 1am, I woke up late and crazy frantic as I need to travel from Los Baños to Clark for the first time, I packed my literally wet clothes as my friend drove me until Cubao, somehow I arrived in Clark, I was literally running and like in the movies I shouted as I saw my team getting ready for boarding. I made it, it was crazy but God pulled me through.


Here’s some nuggets from the faith building exercises God put me in this trip:
Our lack of hope and faith will never be a hindrance for God to move on our behalf. He remains faithful amidst our faithlessness.

If we are faithless, He remains faithful [true to His word and His righteous character], 
for He cannot deny Himself.  2 Timothy 2:13Amplified Bible (AMP)


Delays does not necessarily means no, it can sometimes just mean “Wait on God’s way!”

Hopeless situations are God’s specialty, don’t give up too soon.

I know given a choice I would have opted for an easy first time missions trip, but I’m glad that God’s faithfulness ensures I got to exercise my faith muscles every step of the way.

How are your faith muscles being “torn” or stretched recently?
How are you responding to it?
My prayer for you is that you’ll have the tenacity to endure the faith building exercises life throws in at you.

Miracles of this trip:
Someone generously paid for my airfare
A family in Singapore hosted our team
Too many people feed us 🙂
I got to go home buying souvenirs for my family
So many miracles indeed
One faithful God to give glory to

My Fire Within

Countless photos, hundreds of testimonies, i cannot even imagine the number of tweets, Instagram or Facebook post about Ignite -truly it is beyond experience, no pictures and quotes would justify what God did in Cuneta last May 29-31. But what Im going to write today is not about the impact that it made but rather my personal journey towards it-this is me debriefing myself 🙂

Let me start off by saying the last 2 months was not what I anticipated it to be. I was faith-filled, dreaming, believing for things i know are way far than my reach yet at the same time i know it was too little for God. Consider me the crazy girl who always wants to reach for the sky and touch the stars-that’s me. God has gifted me with an oversized imagination and has wired me to audaciously keep asking Him to make those things a reality. I actually do tire myself just thinking, dreaming and hoping.

But instead of a dream come true, what I got was disappointment , discouragement and a wounded faith. I was believing for a brand new phone instead my old phone broke, believing God to go to World Conference and Disneyland in Florida, my visa got denied for the third time. To top it all, we found out my dad has aortic aneurysm, a ticking time bomb inside his chest, all of a sudden fear just came rushing to my heart. From the scariest thought: What if I woke up one day and he’s no longer there? to my small wishes: Who’s going to walk me down the aisle?And then there’s the constant pressure at work, certain people that tests every bit of your well mustered remaining emotional quotient.I was rob of joy, i was crying, pleading, grumbling, begging until there was nothing left to do but stand still and let everything sift you through, hoping you can stand despite it all.

And then there was the 3 days of Ignite, being fully soaked and saturated with God’s presence, all I can do was repent, be renewed and worship God!  I was glad He met me, I was glad that I’m not just a face in the crowd of 9600, I was glad that it was not just an event to ticked off nor was it doing my work.
God met me and laser beamed on my sins:
no matter how you termed it or downgrade it,
discouragements, anxieties, fear does not please a Holy God
nor was He happy that i was nurturing my broken faith

God showed His Identity: HOLINESS
God showed His Nature: CONSUMING FIRE
and there I was as if I was a born again again

Then the fire of the LORD fell and consumed the burnt offering and the wood and the stones and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. 1kings 13:38
The FIRE of the Lord LICKED UP THE WATER  and all my storms, my broken dreams, and wounded faith went up in smokes. God’s fire set me ablaze that everything else became a shadow compared to His Holiness and Great Call.
So meet the new me branded, seared and forged with a Fire from the Holy Spirit!
Im not just believing for the impossible, I’m going to see the the unthinkable, 
unheard of and unseen thus far be a living reality
Im not just gonna go around campuses in our nation but I will be going to Asia, Africa and Europe to preach the gospel to students and train campus missionaries.

I will not only see this Fire spread in my generation, I will leave a great legacy for my future grandchildren to enjoy
If you don’t believe me, ask my God
Its time to join the revolution God has started
Its time to be set apart for His purposes alone
Its time to spread the Fire and live in the supernaturals
The time is today!