Lost Souls Found

I can’t believe Im down to my third month here in Kenya and my visa is expiring soon. So far this has been one of my roller coaster experience and I’ve never seen myself so vulnerable and yet grace-filled on the same breath. I never knew living abroad can be so full of adventures yet emotionally and spiritually faith building to say the least. But on top of my never ending changing season or so it seems-one thing remains constant, consistent and in abundance- God’s unceasing faithfulness, love and strength, for which I cling to every morning I wake up.

The semester is about to close and just looking back at all the life transformations I’ve witnessed, I remain to be in awe of how God wooed lost souls and place them in His loving arms- almost 2 decades of having experience that for the first time and yet its always remain to be amazing seeing people find Love Himself amidst our own wretchedness.

Finding forgiveness amidst hatred and anger, for a past so cruel and unforgiving, with people you expected to be families but turned enemies.

Finding purpose in your everyday life, where other students just thread in and waste their life daily on unreal relationships, things that promises full life yet leaves you empty and hungry for the real one

Finding security while battling the constant pressures of friend’s popularity, money and seemingly perfect life projected for everyone to see

Finding true Love and forever acceptance for an unlikely soul, so lost, so unwanted and scorned by a community that lured it to enjoy cheapened sex and promiscuity

Real lives. Real stories. Real Saviour and Redeemer found. And their lives just beginning to be lived again for the first time, rediscovering real identities, finally understanding that life is meant to be lived for a purpose, that True Love exist, that relationships with a Savior is for real and Eternity is a gift.


To a former fellow lost soul


Purity and Identity



Last month I got a chance to speak about Purity and Identity to our student leaders and while i have posted on how I came about the message which can be found on this link, I actually forgot to post the message of which I have promised on my blog. Last week one bold student reminded me of my promise and I’m really grateful she did- thank you Eunice Capili.

One of the biggest challenge for a woman for all ages is finding her true identity. Its as if the moment we are born to this world, we also are thrown on a quest to find out: Am I beautiful? Am I loved? Will People accept me for who I am? and the quest continues until the day we close our eyes.

But an ever greater struggle is knowing the Truth about who we are and not having the capacity to believe or utterly rejecting it because “its too good to be true” or “its too impossible to attain or live out”.

Such goes on the dilemma of knowing the absolute truth about us and not fully understanding the depth of Who said it about us:

“But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light. Once you had no identity as a people; now you are God’s people.” Peter 2:9-10

CHOSEN. ROYAL. HOLY – They all sound so sacred, beautiful and pure that when we looked at who we are, we would never associate it with any of those words. That’s why I’m so much more in awe that God was the one giving it, letting us know: “Hey beautiful, this is who you are!”

Purity is not a shackle of do’s and don’ts we put on.                                 Purity is our God-given identity to live out.

CHOSEN ROYAL HOLY that’s you and me!

We do not earn nor deserve it.                                                                          Our only contribution to it is to believe and live it out.                            Can you see God’s kindness and love in all of this?

God has given us an identity.                                                                                                   He made sure we wont forget and has written everything about it in His word.       He sealed everything and put the stamp of Jesus blood.                                               Did you received this message about you?

I love this Dove beauty portraying us at our finest in forgetting who we are: When did you stop thinking you are beautiful?

When did you stop believing you are pure?

To be continued….


Laida Magtalas Version 2.0

Wiser, Braver.  Stronger, Fiercer
Who would not want to be any of those? Lahat tayo gusto ng better version of ourselves, a makeover, naniniwala tayo na ang pagbabago kesehodang kulay lang ito ng buhok, longer eyelashes or bagong hairstyle ay magdudulot ng bagong buhay.

Pero pinakatotoo ito sa mga taong nasaktan na, na-friendzone, nabigo, nakipaghiwalay, na-reject, iniwan. Me mga taong binabago ang kanilang sarili because they feel they are the main reason why the relationship failed, others do it for revenge but the most common thing is fear of getting hurt again. Every woman would do all she can in her power never to be hurt again.

Gaano kasakit ang masaktan?
Naaalala ko parati si Bella sa tanong na ito nung panahong iniwan sya ni Edward, yung scene na naka-upo lang sya, nakaharap sa bintana, tulala at depressed having lumilipas ang maraming buwan. I remember maraming nagsabi nun na exagg daw yung scene na yun, hindi naman nangyayari sa tunay na buhay, sa isip-isip ko lang wala pa syang sobrang nabroken heart na kaibigan.

No woman would ever want to catch herself ever again:
a.crying until she falls asleep then waking up to tears again
b.  narrating the never ending story kung ilang beses syang naloko ng dilat ang kanyang mga mata at wala naming kapansanan sa pandinig
c.   how much of a fool she has been wearing her hearts on her sleeves while the world watch her being rejected
d.   fighting for a relationship na in the end ay one-sided pala
Walang babae ang hindi willing mag-imbento ng selective amnesia pills sa panahong ganito. Pagbabago ang sigaw ng lahat, itapon ang mga walang kwentang emotions, maging strong hanggang magka-pusong bato, pag-aralan ang poker face, at huwag na huwag ng magpapaloko ano mang mangyari, piliin ang mga taong pagkakatiwalaan kung gusto pang matutong huminga sa mundo.

Yun lang ba talaga ang sagot? Me iba pa bang alternative?
Tao ba ang taong walang emosyon? Darating ba ang panahon na walang taong makakasakit sa tin habambuhay? Hindi naman di ba? Since hindi mangyayari yun, I have learned to redefine certain vocabularies in my life.
Since trust is the foundation of love, and there can be no trust without vulnerability, I CHOOSE to see vulnerability as this:

VULNERABILITY -the willingness to bring your defenses down in order to build relationships, trusting the ultimate truth that only God can truly protect and shield your soul.
EMOTIONAL STRENGHT – accepting your God given design and daily holding on to the truth of your indelible identity (made in the image and likeness of God)

Yes women should be wiser and braver but we should not achieve that INDEPENDENTLY. Rather choose the better path of seeing with open eyes all our insecurities and fear and declaring surrender to God and be completely dependent on his grace. Lest we think we can live a life based only on our own determination and discipline.

Dear Ladies, our emotions are part of God’s design for us its not a liability, choosing to have toxic emotions, and daily posting emotion vomit on our status, that’s on us already.

I love how Paul teaches us how to have a version2.0
To put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness. Ephesians 4:22-24

He says put off the old version, throw it out, die to it. Die to your depression, don’t attend your self-pity parties and reject rejection!

How? By renewing our minds (not emotions) through the power of the Holy Spirit (not our discipline or determination). Hindi tayo emotion na tinubuan ng babae, we are women with emotions and minds as well but wait there’s more, we have the Holy Spirit, God Himself  living inside of us, we have no excuse not to have what it takes to change.

And to put on the new self, our brand new identity=>created in the image of God. Girl move-on, move on din. Kaya mo yan! We believe in you!

Dear ladies, you already have it in you the best version of yourself, from the very beginning you are made in the image and likeness of God, live out that truth daily, fight for it, cling on to God and submit yourself fully in Him, that’s the only way to fully live.