Reset Button

I haven’t written for quite some time, if my mind could have been connected to a computer that can transcribe it, i would have written  one each day but unfortunately it doesn’t. 
But today is different, im here in the airport 2hours earlier cause my flight got delayed-so that means a lot of me time, thinking time, processing time. Some of my officemates might consider talking to themselves (no offense meant) but I’m simply not wired that way.

Last month I got a RESET button-unwanted and unwelcome but there it was: one minute i was watching my favorite movie and the next second my laptop just died.
RIP Duke
> 3 years was too short but you served me well and we have travelled many places
My laptop died and a week after my time machine followed- goodbye to my 3 years of journal, 3 years compiled preaching and preaching notes, around 300 ebooks and 500 or more podcast, Goodbye to all my self-made videos and good resolution photos, i did not want to but i did not really have a choice in this matter.

For the next 3 weeks I’ll be saying hello to PC which takes minutes to start up and many, many minutes for me to figure out again. Say goodbye to easy researches and yes to paper and pen. This was not a tragedy, but somehow i felt lost missing out on all the habits I’ve formed with my laptop-crazy but true, maybe im weird this way.

In the bible, there was a man who experienced a real tragedy and his name is Job. A simple ordinary man God bragged about to Satan and in a few days lost entirely what he has-money, children, pride and honor all stripped at an instant-unwelcome and unwanted but it came. 

Two big lessons I learned:

  1. God is God, He is the boss!

In our eyes, Job “deserves” an explanation from God with everything he has gone thru. But God never gave him one, instead He boasted of who he was and how great and magnificent He is-being creator and all. Something He in fact has every right to do.
In our eyes, Job should have complained, and ask for more than the answer he got but ironically, he didn’t it>> proving God’s initial claim that he is indeed an upright man-blameless among all others.

  1. Satan is the enemy of all things good, he’ll take advantage of you.

In our eyes its so easy to put a blame on God and say if he did not brag about Job, Job would not have suffered, right? in our eyes Yes but for the almighty, all-knowing of all No. And who’s opinion should we trust? this is a no-brainer question 🙂 
Satan hates Job-an example that man can in fact be blameless and upright in God’s eyes, a man that would choose to respond well despite all known tragedy, an epitome of what we ought to be, what we can be if we choose to live under His Lordship.

Job got a giant, tragic RESET button and yet he embraced it wholeheartedly and responded well. I envy such heart because truth be told as Christians we can grow up to become spoiled, rotten child of God. Once we tasted and see that the Lord is good, that’s all that we want to embrace not the whole package. We want all the blessings and none of the testings. We want patience, endurance but are unwilling to go thru the character training or process it requires. I honestly am not talking just to you but more to myself.

God is God, He is Lord-however way He want to reveal it to us is not our concern. Our main concern is that we get it and we respond well. Who are we anyway apart from the saving knowledge of God- A NOBODY wishing to be somebody or even just anybody. Let God be Lord lest we consider ourselves bigs, demi-gods or less we find ourselves worshipping other God. Clearly there is one Lord and there is no other.

RESET your life
Submit to Him
Relinquish your self-made crowns and trophies
Worship and acknowledge Him
Bow down to your Creator and Master
Obey at all times-its the only way we ought to live and no other.