Lost Souls Found

I can’t believe Im down to my third month here in Kenya and my visa is expiring soon. So far this has been one of my roller coaster experience and I’ve never seen myself so vulnerable and yet grace-filled on the same breath. I never knew living abroad can be so full of adventures yet emotionally and spiritually faith building to say the least. But on top of my never ending changing season or so it seems-one thing remains constant, consistent and in abundance- God’s unceasing faithfulness, love and strength, for which I cling to every morning I wake up.

The semester is about to close and just looking back at all the life transformations I’ve witnessed, I remain to be in awe of how God wooed lost souls and place them in His loving arms- almost 2 decades of having experience that for the first time and yet its always remain to be amazing seeing people find Love Himself amidst our own wretchedness.

Finding forgiveness amidst hatred and anger, for a past so cruel and unforgiving, with people you expected to be families but turned enemies.

Finding purpose in your everyday life, where other students just thread in and waste their life daily on unreal relationships, things that promises full life yet leaves you empty and hungry for the real one

Finding security while battling the constant pressures of friend’s popularity, money and seemingly perfect life projected for everyone to see

Finding true Love and forever acceptance for an unlikely soul, so lost, so unwanted and scorned by a community that lured it to enjoy cheapened sex and promiscuity

Real lives. Real stories. Real Saviour and Redeemer found. And their lives just beginning to be lived again for the first time, rediscovering real identities, finally understanding that life is meant to be lived for a purpose, that True Love exist, that relationships with a Savior is for real and Eternity is a gift.


To a former fellow lost soul


My Dad My Superhero

Today my dad turns 83, what a supernatural miracle indeed as 2 years ago he’s been diagnosed with aortic aneurysm and the doctor says its literally a ticking time bomb that can explode anytime. My dad is indeed defeating the odds daily, he’s my real life super hero and everyday I get to spend with him is a miracle in itself.

But this is not the first time he has by God’s grace defeated the odds, through all his labor and hard work, he who just finished an elementary degree sent all 7 children to finished college in the university. Not every dad gets to do it for his children and we are so grateful he pushed himself hard to give us the best education. To date he was not able to get for himself any  insurance, no retirement plans , no medicals as well, but even as he has faithfully provided for all of us, daily I get to witness God’s faithful provision on his life as well. Behind my super hero is my Ultimate Super Hero for all of eternity.

My dad also received Jesus as his Lord and Savior at the age of 74, that was almost a decade ago. Statistics would tell us that as people would age they are more unlikely to surrender their lives readily to God, but here’s an encouragement to all to never stop believing and praying for their family to have a personal encounter with God-for He who promised is faithful to complete what He has started in us!

But the greatest odds that he conquered was being the best father to all of us- he could have easily given up being married too young, disowned and forsaken by his own family , not having any proper jobs, no land to till (his skill being only that of a farmer) and having so many mouths to feed too soon in the marriage, but he didn’t. My dad persevered, he sacrificed, he gave his all, he was loyal and committed to our family, and though in the eyes of many he is far from what a perfect dad should be, he has been exemplary in all the things that mattered most and that is the most important thing for me.

I pray for my dad every moment that I can because although he has proven himself to be my real life super hero already Im praying for one more odds for him to beat that is to beat more years and be a grand father to my future children 🙂 Cheers!!

Cheers to all these impossibilities lovingly given by my Perfect Father in Heaven.


Traveling and faith building part 2

A few days ago my flight has gone and I was left behind as my visa for this dream gift trip has yet to arrive. We live near the airport and the constant sound of airplane passing by is cutting thru my heart. I don’t  know what God’s plan is but Im still believing that another way will be provided amidst all odds. Today Im going to look back again at God’s faithfulness to remind myself that though i might not get to understand all of His ways, His will is always good, pleasing and perfect. May you get encouragements as well as you journey in this faith building called traveling.
There’s a part 1 to this blog by the way and you can find it here:
I was looking for a very simple video to explain how our muscles grow and i found this one:
I find it very unique that before our muscles actually grow, they are first torn and we have to experience pain, before the proteins take action and repair happens.
How apt is it in real life that its almost parallel to how we build our faith muscles, so many seemingly random circumstances turning upside down before turning right side up, so many things will come up, so many questions to be answered before we see God’s actual purpose slowly unfold. No matter how much we try to wish the process is not such, God’s give us grace to endure, hope to keep on moving and faith to keep on looking forward.

Traveling to another continent: The Kenya Missions Trip

There’s a long but beautiful back story to this but for now Im focusing on the journey itself.

I’ve always dream of going to Africa-aside from being really fascinated with their culture, all the people i’ve met from there has easily become my friends and of course the safari!!

One day i just found myself being given an opportunity to join our first ever church-planting in Nairobi Kenya, I have mixed emotions about it. The thought of going to another continent, learning a new culture and planting a church happening all at the same time was quite (understatement) overwhelming to say the least. Nevertheless, by God’s grace, my leader’s affirmation and my friend’s and family’s support, I finally have the courage to go.

First there was the visa needed, I have 3 failed visa attempts going to the US before so this was the first challenge. I tried applying online but after a week long of trying to submit it nothing’s happening, please bear in mind that this was 2 weeks before i have to fly out. I tried doing the manual way but then they are asking new requirements not on the list. Just when i thought of giving up, i tried one last time and then it went thru. Three days later, it was approved miraculously.

Then it was time for the flight to be booked. As all my trips has been historically beating the deadline against all odds, this was no different. Im supposed to fly out Monday and I have set that Friday the week before, provisions by-faith should come otherwise i have to resign that Im not supposed to go. Friday came- I was full of faith!! yeah cmon!
But instead I wasn’t I was in fact too tired of convincing myself to believe
I was crying, praying and wondering why am I going thru this all over again. Then a message came and then a call and with it come’s the miracle of God’s provision. I cried lots because again God proved Himself to be faithful and on time. Kenya here I come!!

You would think that the storm had passed and there’s no more test but wait there’s more.
Hours before my supposed to be flight,there was a problem with my ticket
All my bags are literally packed and yes Im ready to go
After 2 hours of never ending phone calls and follow ups.
Yes I almost barely made it to my flight
But I did and I would never trade any of all these crazy experience for a smoother one

God gave me a crazy opportunity
He approved my visa in 3 days
Provided for my airfare in a week
Rerouted me to a better airlines in 2 hours
I have no contribution to this except my

Looking back i should have:
a. been more grateful than fearful of every God-given opportunity
b. looked for supernatural provisions than what my feeble sight could see
c. celebrated amidst the last minute mishap knowing that victory was already won

Next time I’ll do better, even as the faith muscles has been torn to pave way for a bigger one 🙂
Cheers to you who’s believing for an impossible miracle
To you who’s situation seems to be hopeless
To you holding on amidst all circumstances

The Day God surprised me

Have you ever asked God to surprise you? I love asking him that request. Kulang na lang everyday ko sabihin yan ke Lord. We will always joke about it that since He hasn’t given me a boyfriend yet-its on Him to surprised me and lavish on me, I am demanding like that, sa Kanya lang naman eh JSo last night, the preacher at the prayer meeting gave this statement:

Sabi nya its time to stop holding on sa mga miracles that we have experience long ago, its time to experience a new one, lakas ng AMEN! Sa utak ko. So I told Him, surprise me nga Lord, tonight. It was 8pm and needless to say, the night passed by with the usual dinner with friends and lovelife story. But wait there’s more…

Backtracking a bit, I was quite discourage this week. While im all out raising my support for campus ministry, looking for people who would partner with us in reaching young people, my well laid plans and strategies seems to be not working. People cancelling appointments, FB friends disregarding my messages, it was tough indeed, 2 days ago I was really asking God to give me a faith boost to help me go on in what He has tasked me. Little did I know He has it all planned out already.

Ok so here it goes, have you ever ask God for shopping money? I do-such a girly whim I know. Lagi ko yang sinasabi kay God, I love clothes kasi but I’m a cheapskate when it comes to it.  The only times I buy clothes is when its 70 or 50% off in the department store, otherwise Ukay it is-yes im a certified ukay girl where blouses are just P50, dress are P100 and my favorite booths is P60-80. And I’m good at it too (sabi lang ng friends ko haha), dati naisip kong pwede kong maging trabaho ang Ukay shopper, yung ako yung taga-bili at taga pili lang para sa mga tao.

So eto na talaga, today since appointments did not push thru, I just decided to spend time with an elderly friend, she’s 79 years old. The plan is just to spend time with her and hoping to minister and be a blessing to her, watch a movie and have dinner. So off we go to SM Aura, she said she wanted to go around and shop a bit so I just tag along with her. She was wondering while I wasn’t looking around (sa utak ko lang, ang mamahal kaya neto lol)I was the one picking clothes for her kasi. Then she said: “just go and pick whatever you want”, I declined of course. She did that on 2 shops more after I still declined. On the third shop, she was the one picking for me already, she choose a top same as the one she got (I did not like it but of course I just said yes na). So I finally gave in and I was so excited, I’ve never have this opportunity of somebody asking me to pick what I want without looking at the prize. Oh gash I was like a child out on Candyland, well in this case its Forever 21. (oo, madali lang akong talagang pasayahin) I could not choose actually, I was so overwhelmed and feeling loved by God, the clothes doesn’t seem to matter at all. So tita kept on choosing for me. So here’s what I ended up with: 3 blouses (the most expensive ones that I’ll own so far), a necklace, a sunglass and a cute sandal. This is the most expensive shopping I’ve done so far and I did not shell out anything, God took care of the bill thru the generosity of my friend. I was speechless, beyond happy is all that I can say.

While we were eating dinner, I told her of how blessed I was and how grateful I am. She simply said: “that’s for doing a great job in the campus!” Muntik ng tumulo ang 1 tear ko sa left eye yung parang sa movies but of course pinigil ko sya.
I was overwhelmed not just of her generosity but more to the fact that God heard me asking a surprise. When she said I was doing a good job, it was like God affirming my call over and over again. It was God reminding me that He is my source and I should never worry of His provisions, that He has called me even to raise support and this is how its going to be-faith every step of the way.

Early this morning I texted this commentary for Ephesians 3:20 to some friends:
“We can ask God every good of which we have heard; every good which God has promised in His word; we can imagine, goods and blessings beyond all that we have either read or seen; imagine good things to which it is impossible for us to give a name; go beyond the limits of all human descriptions; we can imagine more than even what God has specified in His word.”
Telling them to NEVER PUT A LIMIT TO GOD’S GENEROSITY!  God proved it to me today- He is generous, loving and faithful J As I started this blog, Im going back to what the speaker said:
It’s time to require an experience for what we believe!
Remember that it is God who said this: “Prove Me nowby it, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”Malachi 3:10-11 Amp

God has unlimited Macbook

Posted by Babes on Jul 11, ’09 5:55 AM RECOVERED FROM MULTIPLY
I just experienced a miracle and its more than what i ever hope for or imagine. 

The month of July has indeed been very exciting and challenging with all the planning for the freshmen events plus the daily grind of youth services, small groups and leadership group. Good thing is there has been ample time to plan everything-so it has been pegged for our UNLIGOD series, Glenn will be preaching 3 topics and Im
 assigned to speak on UNLIMITED RESOURCES- i was very excited!!

The days pass and i already have an idea on what Im going to speak-break poverty mindset and emphasize faith and generosity. But it seems that life has another plan and so it goes two weeks before i speak-my macbook got stolen. I was speechless and dumbfounded, what was I supposed to do? The days pass bye with hugs and condolences.
The next day it sank in,i wake up without my audio bible, my fave worship, my journal and my macsword. So i talked to God and just ask why? 
God: “who gave you, your first Macbook? “
Babes: “You!!”
God: “who can give you a new one”
Babes: “You!!” 
So it all started there, God gave me the faith to believe for a new one, the grace not to be discourage, the boldness to ask. 
My prayer:
“Lord, give me a Macbook pro before i preached about your UNLIMITED RESOURCES”

Week one pass by and after all the faith, boldness and grace i could muster i only have 16% of the goal- i was discouraged and wavering in faith and was already bargaining for God provide at least 50% before i speak. God has better plans, that day unexpectedly 50% came in, i was ready to believe again. It was a day before i preach and still at 80%. The day i preached i boldly confessed and claimed that God has provided the amount i needed. The day after the pledges for the amount came and i completed my goal 100%-it was saturday (july 4)-2 weeks after my macbook got

Today July 11,2009

Babypebbles says: “Im holding you now, yet i still can’t believe your mine” (tears) (tears).
Two weeks ago you are just a picture in my bedroom wall, but now you’re a reality.
Two weeks ago i thought i’ve lost you forever, but here you are-so shiny and brand new.
What a great gift you are to my life.

This is all i can say to my new Macbook Pro

Again I’m speechless and dumbfounded, feeling nothing but totally loved by an AMAZING FATHER AND UNLIMITED GOD. The same Father and Unlimited God that we all have. My prayer for you is that may you never cease to be expectant of H
im who can give you immeasurably more than what you can hope for or imagine.

Thank you so much for those who have generously invested and sown. May God return it to you a hundred fold. Thank you for helping me see a huge miracle!!