My World Conference Highlights Part 2

Our heart is so full and our spirit filled with every great adventure and surprises God has lovingly prepared for all of us at the Every Nation World Conference so here’s part 2 of my highlights for this trip: Check out part 1 here

The faith stretching supernatural provisions

I have countless stories of our campus missionaries testimonies on how God has provided for them for this trip, from a family who has completely blessed one of our campus missionary airfare and free accommodation to a luxurious hotel, to last minute special gifts to a money being saved up 3 years before this event took place. We are so blessed to take part in this event, we thank God for provision, we thank God for sowing a vision in our heart, we thank God for everything has been deposited in our lives.

We are super proud of our campus missionaries (specially the younger ones) who took that step of faith to register super early to the conference and believed until the last end and saw God’s faithfulness.

The Global Friendships Built

Though I wont remember all the names of people I have met, the joy of having this so much friends from all over the globe was amazing. Everyone just keeps on building, connecting, eating out, inspiring one another, challenging each other’s faith to honor God and make disciples.

I’m so privileged to meet a LOT of students and campus missionaries from our family here in South Africa, and though externally we look super different coming from 2 continents-im glad to have heard the same passion and faith, some of the same challenges and struggles we all go thru as well as we pursue to advance His Kingdom. But the best part of it is the willingness to try and hear one another’s story, going the extra mile to connect and built even if we are continents apart and the desire to lock arms in building a stronger team to change the campus change the world!!

The Unceasing Passion to Reach the World

During the International Staff Meeting, our Regional Leaders were inspiring us on what God is doing in different continent- I saw so many heroes of faith, people who has laid down their lives in sharing the gospel no matter what the cost, pastors, missionaries, young professionals and even students are now on different parts of the globe sharing the love of Jesus to a world starving from the true Saviour and and real love.

But this scene touched my heart the most: our spiritual family in Europe consistently plowing thru hard soil, planting on the seeds on the gospel no matter how long it would take to bear fruit. This continent who has long been missionaries to the world has now become a ripe mission field and our leaders has called us the continents of Africa and Asia who has been recipients of the gospel from Europe to lock arms and GO and sow that same seed of the gospel back to this continent.


Watch the video of the prayer here!

Let’s all set our alarm 9:38am every morning and pray for workers to be sent into this mission field, for partners to rise up and send more missionaries and for prayer warriors to intercede for Europe.

For everything the Lord has shown this week, everything He has made known, the people I have the privilege to meet, the places too beautiful for words, His presence that is so real and His love made tangible in every language and expression possible. Thank you Lord,You are the author of impossible dreams come true, our faithful Provider, our loving Father who bring us to the best adventure ever! The World Conference gave us a vivid picture of what you are calling us to do, the people from every nation gave us a glimpse of Your image in different colors, shapes, sizes, culture and age. And all together we say “Here we are! We will GO!!”

Lost Souls Found

I can’t believe Im down to my third month here in Kenya and my visa is expiring soon. So far this has been one of my roller coaster experience and I’ve never seen myself so vulnerable and yet grace-filled on the same breath. I never knew living abroad can be so full of adventures yet emotionally and spiritually faith building to say the least. But on top of my never ending changing season or so it seems-one thing remains constant, consistent and in abundance- God’s unceasing faithfulness, love and strength, for which I cling to every morning I wake up.

The semester is about to close and just looking back at all the life transformations I’ve witnessed, I remain to be in awe of how God wooed lost souls and place them in His loving arms- almost 2 decades of having experience that for the first time and yet its always remain to be amazing seeing people find Love Himself amidst our own wretchedness.

Finding forgiveness amidst hatred and anger, for a past so cruel and unforgiving, with people you expected to be families but turned enemies.

Finding purpose in your everyday life, where other students just thread in and waste their life daily on unreal relationships, things that promises full life yet leaves you empty and hungry for the real one

Finding security while battling the constant pressures of friend’s popularity, money and seemingly perfect life projected for everyone to see

Finding true Love and forever acceptance for an unlikely soul, so lost, so unwanted and scorned by a community that lured it to enjoy cheapened sex and promiscuity

Real lives. Real stories. Real Saviour and Redeemer found. And their lives just beginning to be lived again for the first time, rediscovering real identities, finally understanding that life is meant to be lived for a purpose, that True Love exist, that relationships with a Savior is for real and Eternity is a gift.


To a former fellow lost soul


Lessons from the Legends: Standing Strong

Last Thursday we got the privilege to hear stories of faith, endurance and leadership from 3 legends in ministry, their messages were simple and uncomplicated but it really cuts through our heart and spirit and really spoke volumes to us. Today I’ll share my take on what Ptr. Ferdie imparted to us. Ptr. Ferdie Cabiling is one of the fathers of our movement, he’s been advancing God’s kingdom for decades and he’s one of the senior pastors that I know of who still hasn’t graduated from being a campus missionary as he’s literally evangelizing students every chance he has. He’s currently the director of all our Metro Manila churches.

Ptr. Ferdie’s topic was on standing strong to the finish and it was a breath of fresh air indeed specially with all the good transitions happening in our movement. By default yes we understand and we know that we need to stand strong and stay healthy in the ministry but truth be told along the way we have unnecessarily picked up weights and baggages that unconciously have now accumulated, we have gotten used to and tolerated. I myself am guilty and and I couldn’t happier with God’s conviction in me though the process was quite painful.

Baggages can be as simple as an unhealthy habit that has grown too big over time, little compromises here and there, undisciplined emotions left unchecked, good relationships that requires necessary endings to experience what’s best. Whatever form it might have taken, we are currently carrying it all on our shoulder, we feel it, its slowing us down and taken its toll but we have still allowed, tolerated and indulge it.

The Bible was very clear on what we need to do with it: Hebrews 12:1

“Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles”  NIV

“Let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily strips us up” NLT

“Let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely” ESV

Let us (intentionally, deliberately) throw off everything that hinders our complete devotion to God, our focus and single-mindedness, anything that distracts or misaligns us from His purposes and perfect will.

a. Throw off any guilt and condemnation of the past and even of the present. Focus yourself on God’s truth.

b. Strip yourself off any unmet and impossible expectations set on you even by good people (or you think they might have)

c. lay aside the pressures of this world, more so your towering expectations of yourself (say this with me: hindi ako perfect :))

d.  let go of legalistic mindsets and convictions, be wary of sticky ideas thats sounds so great and yet not bibilical

e. fight against accusations against your leaders, family, yourself and even God

f. kick out bitternes, anger, fears, selfishness, greed, doubts and unbeliefs

The Bible is clear that in order to finish this race and run with endurance, this we must aggressively do. What a breathe of fresh air indeed for everyone who’s heavy laden, for every heavy heart and downcast spirit. Breathe life unto us Lord. speak your truth in our minds.

Ptr. Ferdie ended his message us by reminding us we have this help:

  1. Cheering Crowd- men and women of faith from ages ago to our current leaders, mentors,family and friends. Look out for for them, reach out to people that will inspire and encourage you to run with endurance.           “Since we are surrounded by such a huge cloud of witnesses to the life of faith ” Hebrews 12:1 NLT                                                                                          What I gleaned from Ptr. Ferdie’s message was to have a posture of confidence as we are running this race, he would say words like:       “Every time Im preaching and leading, I know (Ptr) Steve is backing me up, I know the apostolic team is behind me cheering me on”.                   He recounted how he literally cried seeing all the pastors and even Ptr. Steve joined him at the finish line of his Run 50 across the Philippines.                                   To all you leaders and ministers out there, never believe the lie that your pastors and mentors are not rooting for you, they believe in you, they want you to finish and succeed. Never mistake the personality, manner nor frequency in which it has been conveyed mislead you into thinking this is not truth.
  2. Champion Coach: Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith                  “We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus,the champion who initiates and perfects our faith” Hebrews 12:2 NLT                                                           Jesus, the one whose applause only matters, is never out there to see us stumble or fall,rather He has finished the line, won the victory for us and is now walking us through and the only reason that keeps us standing strong.                                                                                                             I’m cheering for all of you!!



Dear Ladies, its time to break out and live out…

Today I got to hear from one of my pastor and leader about great women who has walked down history and made a mark, the likes of Joan of Arc, Evita Peron, Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks and who among you would ever thought that there is an actual existing only woman Pharaoh is history and her name is Hatshepsut, yup go and Google her up. Their stories are to say the least tales of very passionate and compassionate women, doing whatever it takes to fight for what they strongly believed in.

I personally am very privilege to be working in an environment where my bosses believes in women living out their God given calling to the outmost, no caps, no lids, no holding back. Leaders who believes in empowering the women to aspire for greatness. Indeed i’m a blessed person. 
So here I am cheering all the Godly woman out there, its time to step out of the chambers of insecurity and fear and start saying “Here am I Lord, use me.” Flaws and colourful past, pimples and baby fats, discrimination and accusations, rejection and broken hearts, “Here I am Lord, a broken vessel ready to be moulded to be use for your glory”
Its time to OBEY GOD
It’s time to walk COURAGEOUSLY
Its time to step out in FAITH
It’s time to BREAK OUT from the world’s mold and LIVE OUT your God-given purpose. Like what the great women of the Bible did:
Deborah- a wife and prophetess turned Judge (in the time Israel has no king and everyone did what was right in their eyes)
Jael-the tenth dweller turned heroine for killing the king of Sisera;
Esther- the beauty queen turned rescuer of the Israelites
Abigail-the wife of a fool, whose wisdom rescued her family
Rahab-the prostitute who feared the Lord and got saved
Mary-the virgin willing to carry a Holy Spirit conceived baby (in the time women were stoned even for just being not a virgin)
Ruth-the seductress turned noble woman
and the list goes on…
Dear young women
I dare you to break out and live out a life of purity amidst the pressure of every one you come in contact with daily. Be humble and cry out for wisdom. Clothe yourself daily with the fear of the Lord.
– think twice before you enter into any relationship knowing for a fact that when you “fall in love” your heads does not function as it ought to be (if you don’t believe me, ask your friends and they will certainly agree)
– don’t trust yourself and run around parading in sleepover with co-ed friends as if you are beyond temptations, spare yourself the pain of being humbled
– when every body is making Facebook their diary, have the wisdom to keep things in your heart or within the circle of matured Christian friends, not everybody needs to know the things you and God has discussed in the secret places
Dear Ladies
I dare you to break out and live out an abundant life free from the pressure of being in a relationship, being a fiancee, a wife, a mother, having more children, being a grandmother, a mother-in-law and the list goes on. Break free from the voices of this world that keeps on measuring your worth, wether they are your family and well-meaning friends. Instead clothe yourself with righteousness and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Be in pursuit of God because that road always satisfies and overflows, you can never go wrong in loving Him and obeying Him for endless days and years.
Lastly break out and live out a life that influences many, one that does not just breaks out of the mold but sets a culture of Godliness that will not only change this generation but will leave out a legacy.