Lost Souls Found

I can’t believe Im down to my third month here in Kenya and my visa is expiring soon. So far this has been one of my roller coaster experience and I’ve never seen myself so vulnerable and yet grace-filled on the same breath. I never knew living abroad can be so full of adventures yet emotionally and spiritually faith building to say the least. But on top of my never ending changing season or so it seems-one thing remains constant, consistent and in abundance- God’s unceasing faithfulness, love and strength, for which I cling to every morning I wake up.

The semester is about to close and just looking back at all the life transformations I’ve witnessed, I remain to be in awe of how God wooed lost souls and place them in His loving arms- almost 2 decades of having experience that for the first time and yet its always remain to be amazing seeing people find Love Himself amidst our own wretchedness.

Finding forgiveness amidst hatred and anger, for a past so cruel and unforgiving, with people you expected to be families but turned enemies.

Finding purpose in your everyday life, where other students just thread in and waste their life daily on unreal relationships, things that promises full life yet leaves you empty and hungry for the real one

Finding security while battling the constant pressures of friend’s popularity, money and seemingly perfect life projected for everyone to see

Finding true Love and forever acceptance for an unlikely soul, so lost, so unwanted and scorned by a community that lured it to enjoy cheapened sex and promiscuity

Real lives. Real stories. Real Saviour and Redeemer found. And their lives just beginning to be lived again for the first time, rediscovering real identities, finally understanding that life is meant to be lived for a purpose, that True Love exist, that relationships with a Savior is for real and Eternity is a gift.


To a former fellow lost soul


Better Together: Sharing Testimonies and Covenant Friends

The first Wednesday of the month is something I always look forward to. Monthly we have our Every Nation Philippines Meeting and all our campus missionaries Metro Manila gets to reconnect and see each other -the classic extrovert me is just super happy to see so many people.

But these women are some of those on top of my list of people to spend time with, why? because we have been sharing lives the past few years and we have grown better  just from sharing our pain together, our laughters together, life’s challenges and also its victory. We intentionally built relationships with each other and today we get to enjoy its fruit thru teaching and coaching one another and simply being covenant friends.

Every meeting was unique , but if there’s always one thing consistent with our meeting we never go home without bringing a peace of each other ‘s victory and powerful testimonies. Today I got to hear these stories of personal and ministry answered prayers from these women of faith:

  • a dream condo that is rented out at a super cheap rate:                           Renting a cheap condo in Metro Manila at the place nearest your work is a piece of heaven on earth if you know how traffic is in Manila. Finding a cheap one is almost close to impossible, so to have a couple personally approach you and say: we meant to buy this house and rent it out for business, but God is challenging us to partner with you thru this and rent in out at the cheapest possible rate. Now that’s close to impossible and you know its only God’s hand and favor working and did I say its fully-furnished as well? Keep on believing God for your dream house at an impossible price.                                                                                                                                                          
  • the joy of biking and moving on                                                                         A lot of students think that their campus missionaries are like super men and women, how we wish we really are like that and that we don’t get hurt, stumble or fall. But the reality of life is real and challenges are a constant reminder of how much we all live under the grace of God’s goodness. I love the fact that no matter how personal our story sometimes gets these women are never lacking in humility to share their vulnerabilities, to share their stories, to ask for prayers and to enjoy the comfort of spiritual family and love the freedom accountability brings.                                                                                   
  • the power of being a blessing to an establishment                                      With all the counselling and one on one discipleships we get to do every day, we cant help but sometimes really based our “office” on a fast food chain nearest the campus we are ministering to. But this campus minister took it to the next level when she started praying for that establishment, believing God that she’ll get to share our vision of reaching students to the owner. Lo and behold, she got to do that and beyond, she got so much favor that they are willing to rent out their function room for free so that a discipleship group could meet their once a week and pray for the campus nearby. Truly we serve a good of unending faithfulness and surprises, don’t be afraid to believe for the impossible.                                                                                          
  • the joy of celebrating new seasons and existing ones                            Whether you are currently super challenged in your transition or enjoying a new season, nothing beats celebrating and sharing its joy and pain to a  group of covenant friends-someone who have seen how you started, people that walk with you in this journey, the same people who’ll be celebrating with you or comforting you in succeeding and trying.                                                                                                                                             I guess this is one of most important aspect of this constantly meeting together, we learn about commitment to a person’s growth, we challenge each other to believe for greater things, we celebrate the diversity of each one’s strength and wintogether as they fulfil their calling. We open our lives to previous “strangers”, we intentionally build trust and ended up being friends. We share endless stories of God’s faithfulness and endless lessons from His word and are in a constant cycle of discipling others and discipling one another- Indeed we are better together.


Posted by Babes on Apr 29, ’08 11:56 PM via MULTIPLY

Do you have days that seems to become imprinted in your mind?

Its as if a nagging thought afterward never seems to leave you in peace.
I’ve had that day a few days ago, I was with a friend and we were talking about forgiveness.

Well I often tell stories about myself but I don’t know why for some reason, I choose to tell her a little about my past. I was telling 
her that there was a point un my life wherein forgiveness doesn’t seem to be part of my choices because I had a wound that doesn’t seem to heal, the pain was just like a dagger constantly jabbing my chest. I related to her how when I was young, I was totally unwanted, how my siblings related that my mom would drink 
pills just to get rid me. For a minute, she grew quiet, all she could say was that she feels the same way, her stories grow intense, her case more difficult than mine. While I was to feel the burden of rejection, she got the trauma of watching a baby’s life cut short, simply because it was unwanted. I could not describe the vivid pictures it imprinted in her fragile mind. 
All I was left to conclude was that her pain became her ally and anger her friend.
But the story went on and I was telling her how I allowed that experience cripple me for years. Until Jesus came into my life, relieving the wound, opening it up, but not just to expose a painful past, 
but to bring complete healing for my life. Somehow I felt her face lit up a bit, as if a sudden surge of hope came rushing in her heart. She looked up at me, and  I was able to muster the courage to tell her,” Let go, forgive your mom, allow Jesus 
to heal you!” How I wish that for an instant God would just delete all her bad memories, but then I know that it would take a process. The good news is that she is willing to start her journey-forgiving, receiving healing, finding God.
That moment just lasted for an hour but I felt like my life was never the same after, I was thinking that
…sometimes we underestimate the power of the testimony that Jesus gave us…
…sometimes all it takes, is simply telling our story to another person, who can disqualify the evidence of a renewed life life?!
I felt like my heart literally went out for her- I wonder more how much God must have felt for her…I was also thinking how many students are still out there waiting to hear a story that Jesus is for real-that he heals, forgives, restores, loves….
Do you have a story to tell? its time to go out and share your  story