What to do when healing takes time

Last week from an intense stomach pain and vomiting, I was rushed to the ER, after 8 hours waiting and tests, I was then rushed to the OR to undergo appendectomy-needles to say it was a crazy 24 hours from a normal work day straight to the hospital.Going to the hospital was quite a big deal for me. Why? simply because its my 1st time and for so many reasons why we all hate being hospitalise and to make things worse complications arose and I needed to stay for 5 days.

It was quite intense but I learned so many things being a patient for 5 days about the healing of our physical bodies and some ailments of our soul. Here are some of them:

Healing takes time even if the remedy has been applied! So don’t be an overachiever in this season and have more grace as well for a person undergoing healing and restoration.

Complications can happen as part of the procedure; but it can also happen due to neglect and mistakes. Let’s take heed !

Routine checks are crucial in keeping progress. In as much as I barely had any sleep with the constant checking of vital signs by the nurses- that routine strictly monitored my health. Same thing goes for our heart and our soul, it needs regular regular check-ups to avoid a cluttered  and weary spirit. Our bible reading, our constant sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and covenant friends are always ready and available to check our hearts and souls for free, so have a daily dose of it!

Healing requires a team effort not a solo event. From the daily delivery of food, to the maintenance cleaning the room, to the nurses, residents and specialised doctor- healing comes quickly with the help of a team- don’t isolate and never do it alone.

No matter how good the food are, when appetite is gone, its almost useless. Kinda reminds of how sometimes in our zealousness to help a person, we shove as many truths to them as we can(Im so guilty of this haha), I realised it will be better if we give them only what they can understand and absorb for this season. Bite size portions of truth, a great dose of encouragement faith and hope!-

Patience, patience, patience  to yourself, to your wounds, to the people constantly poking and checking on you, to the medicines constantly being given and to the people patiently walking with you.

Communicate, communicate, communicate -your progress or even the lack of it, everything that seems unusual-let the doctor or nurses decide what information is helpful or not. Communicate and keep on asking question. People cannot easily discern what you need at times unless you tell them directly-ask for help!

Words spoken, time spent and gifts given matters, no matter how quick, no matter how simple. Sincerity and thoughtfulness goes a long way in breathing life to a soul.

I thank God that no matter how much pain I have to go through, He is consistent and committed to keep me healthy mind, body and soul. I’m also thankful for covenant friends who’s committed in walking with me every season of my life.




When FOMO gets real

While there are a lot of people who loves pioneering and jumpstarting new things-I happen to be not one of those gifted to just embrace life’s spontaneous gifts. But as you know in life curb balls are thrown and it sometimes brings you to seemingly undiscovered territories and adventures. So here you are in the unknown weather it’s a new season, a new location, an untimely crisis, a transition from the joy of everything familiar to jumping to a totally brand new phase. All you can do now is embrace it, love it or hate it there’s no turning back. Welcome to your new life of unlimited uncertainties as well as possibilities.

You try to move forward and navigate slowly, you find out its not as scary as you initially thought and it gives you hope to walk further. But then you realize you have people around you who are living the exact same life they have always have along with other friends and families sharing the same environment you used to be in- this is the moment you sometimes wish there’s not much of this social media going on to remind you that you are in fact MISSING OUT on what everybody seems to be sharing together and that’s where it hits you – FOMO might be real!                                                                        

FO·MO (ˈfōmō/noun/informal)                                                                                    anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

My sentiment exactly haha

Its happening to you everytime you open your viber messages and facebook thread. There are days that its get to be easy and sometimes its just overwhelming and you wish you can just teleport yourself.          “Beam me up Scottie!”

What to do when FOMO hits you?

Acknowledge its real,

Its happening and its not you getting weirdly depressed or annoyingly lonely- you are missing out on a lot of things you familiarly love and enjoy and its normal, its part of the transition process and you are not alone in all of this.

Be on the hunt of finding out

So you are missing out, acknowledge it yes but don’t let it swallow you! Step out and explore your beautiful new season and territory. Every  season has its gem and its up to you to find out what exactly it is. There might not be a lot of people who can understand what exactly you are going through but its time to find out a new bigger community you can reach out to and a whole lot of new people you can build connections with.                       Every season has its special reason for being real in you life- explore and enjoy!

Celebrate milestones

Celebrate the milestones of your friends and family though you cant or are not physically there. Its not about what’s happening or not happening to you. Find ways to be there in different ways- don’t you just love all the emoticons viber and facebook has created, I love how what we physically cannot convey can somehow be captured in those crazy emoticons. Be there for others, give what you can to your outmost ability.

When you feel like you are missing out, pour out!

Develop the gratefulness habit

I have this new memory verse that I have place on my wall:13661878_10208443192830861_5190439006914417890_o

And it may seem to be such a super simple task but I found God’s truth is the ultimate cure to a crying soul.

Thank God for a brand new beautiful day daily. One pastor’s wife told me she always start her day and ends it finding at least 3 things she can be thankful, I think its such a beautiful habit to develop.

Declare His steadfast love that is real no matter what my circumstances may look or feel like.  Found out re-aligning our thinking re-calibrates our hearts and renews our spirits.

Celebrate His great faithfulness at night. You can never go wrong intentionally thanking God every waking hours and celebrating everything at the end of the day.

When FOMO gets real, enjoy FOFO- the Faith Of Finding Out (no matter how corny or cliché it sounds) all the glorious things this season has for you, go into countless adventures you never have the chance to do in your past and be brave to build bridges for new relationships.


Ignite Aftermath part1: Embracing Change

Too much has happened this week and not writing it down would be a lack of stewardship on my part as so much has been deposited in my life. Yes, I’ve been blessed, first and foremost, to witness what God has done, shown and changed all throughout these months culminating at the Every Nation Campus Conference: Ignite 2015 and followed by the International Campus Exposure Program.
So much have been said, there are too many lessons learned and relationships built, but at the end of the day, our obedience to what God has called us to do matters the most, our commitment to stay on track and to continue everything that God has changed and transformed in our lives, by His grace.
The lessons are there to inspire us and give us a vision for the future.
From the Father heart of God, to changing our campuses, to going to the nations – 
everything sounds like a tall order when we process it all at the same time. It’s like putting truffle chocolates, Wagyu beef steaks and large prawns all in one blender (or in a purely Pinoy fashion: lechon, adobo and kare-kare). They are all amazing to eat but putting them all in a blender and drinking the juice in one gulp would have a terrible effect on us. We might even throw everything up, wasting all the good deposits given.
Processing and phasing our steps is crucial.
Baby steps are ok!

Daily obedience,
waiting on God’s work in our life
partnering with the Holy Spirit
cannot be underestimated in becoming the world changer
God sees us to be.
One step at a time,
no comparison with anyone else,
this is the beginning of your personal journey
with God’s plans-not yours, not your leader’s or what you see others will do.
Inhale. Exhale. Baby steps are just as good as 1 giant leap.
Finding the right people to walk with is as important as the journey itself.
By the grace of God, He will finish and perfect His work in our lives, but the joy of it is you don’t have to do it alone.
Even as we have daily counsel with the Holy Spirit, God has surrounded us with people who will keep reminding us that we are wired and purposed to fulfill His call.
They will be our cheerleaders when we fall,
our counselors when we get lost,
our trainors when we lose sight of the goal.
Covenant relationships works!

As good daily renews our spirit and as we feed our bodies with healthy food, covenant relationships are the fuel of our souls.
a.   Seek them out, walk in humility and give them permission to see your life in all its glaring colors and darkness.
b.   Receive instruction, no matter how they may be painful at times.
c.    Celebrate small victories and keep on bouncing back from every mistake.
d.   Be someone’s covenant sister/brother, walk with someone committed,  watch them grow and move into the exact place God wants them to be. 
Be bold, be brave, be faithful!
Heaven has been opened and marching orders have been given.
Do not shrink back, do not go back to worldly things nor good things that you have done in the past. This is the time to stake your claim in every land, dream and vision that God has given. Quit whining or complaining or making excuses- remember that the Holy Spirit who is now Ignited in you is greater and beyond anything of this world. Put on the full armor of God, meditate on His word day and night, pray unceasingly, preach the gospel boldly. It’s time to show the world what you are made of. It’s time to be a light in every dark corner He has placed you in. You are called for such a time as this!

So stand up, make your life count and together as one body we will CHANGE THE CAMPUS and CHANGE THE WORLD!
Here I am send me!

Happy Hunger Days

I love this year’s prayer and fasting theme “HONOR GOD”. As a Victory Member this is something I’m familiar with as we are and will always be here to ” Honor God and Make Disciples”. bu this week these 2 words would be truly dissected, narrated and meditated on. I know that this is something fresh and new that needs to be reinjected in my veins, it cannot be a byword, a mission statement posted on a wall or printed on a sticker, its something we need to live out. It has to be something going to my bloodstream, passing to all my system breathing life a fresh into my body, soul and spirit.

Lord in this battle field of honouring you I am honestly left clueless. How easy it is to honor our friends, family and leaders as personally we have a ready set of filter and measurements of love, commitment and sacrifice. In my eyes I can easily weigh and measure somebody’s contribution in my life (which I’m sure as its best is even faulty), but how do you give weight to the one that sets the standard of weight? You are only reason such law and standard exist. The only One behind we can now understand the very concept of the word “Honor”. You have defined everything that is honourable and not, You have given me measures that I have often fallen short of and if not by your grace and mercy I know I will not stand, So today, with my feeble hands, meagre words and limited vocabulary, I will honor you with the simplicity of what human minds can conjure up-rustic words and raw heart:

I honour you Lord for the very life and existence of everything I know of to be beautiful and true-everything that this world contains and the very depths of all your creation.

I honor you Jesus for being my constant Saviour and Redeemer inspire of who I am right now and who I constantly choose to be.

I honour you Holy Spirit for bearing with the frailty of all the saints here on earth, for choosing to dwell on filthy rags as we,

I honour you Lord for choosing to love me, and teach me, bearing that everyday cross of knowing what Im made of-flaws and all and embracing all parts of me.

I honour you Lord for choosing me to be a vessel of your calling no matter how small ang insignificant we all are.

I honor you Lord for the minutest details of my life, the nanoseconds of orchestrating every atoms on earth to make sure we breathe and live a full life.

This should be an infinite loop of immeasurable things that needs to be defined to honor God, but for now this will suffice as we all should all be  living, breathing God honouring disciples of Christ.

Happy Hunger Days to my fellow churchmates! This is bound to be an exciting 5days of seeking God and being hungry for more of Him in our lives. Cheers to a great start!

The first time I’ll be posting my actual journal log!

Hello 2015! as a new year would begin I want to try something fresh and new, raw and unfiltered, brave and passion-filled-so I will try posting my actual journal notes, yes I do love writing but posting it on the public that’s another thing. So here goes the first ever Journal note of 2015, hoping that you’ll get something fresh and new as the new year comes in:

The past few last months of 2014 has been quite rough more than I wanted it to be as a look back at God’s awesome faithfulness vs. my insatiable heart. Millions of things I thank God for, thousands Im really grateful of, but then there’s this nagging thought of that 1,2,3 dreams unfulfilled then all of a sudden its the story of that small black dot in a vast clean paper. Yes, aren’t we all like that sometimes when the year draws to a close and 2014 starts to fade and we see, this and that dreams coming to an end. Or it might have been just me-wicked and flawed. How fitting it is that as of this moment, my face has just been cauterised and it shows the unsightly evidence that a skin disease has been tolerated on my skin.

Let the flaw show and let God’s laser of forgiveness shine on them and kill one by one the things I have tolerated to grow-big or small, intended or not circumstantial or it might just be a wound that needs to heal, all of them should be exposed and  the pruning process shall begin.

So goodbye anger and control because you have no part in me. My Master is in charge and He exacts justice in His own time and will and I shall not interfere.

Goodbye pride- I deserve nothing and will not get anything beyond what God wills; which in fact is the most liberating truth as I know He loves me and won’t deprive me of what’s best.

Goodbye wounds and pains-intentionally inflicted or not, painfully scheme or something i just run into, may you all be completely healed and supernaturally forgotten.

Goodbye unanswered prayers and wounded faith-you did not make it in 2014 but maybe it is only I who have wished you to be there and not my Father.

Goodbye 2014 dreams, I have another 365 days left to believe for you again!

Goodbye 2014 mistakes and bloopers,you have helped me see myself better and embrace God’s grace stronger!

Goodbye Babes of 2014, you might not finished the year the way you envisioned your year to end but God has made you ready and fit once again to run the race of 2015, you will stumble, you will fall, you will scrape your knees maybe a dozen times or more, You might be pushed aside by others people will go ahead of you and some might fall back behind but ran with no fear of pain, ran towards the goal your Father has set, run and beat your body to make it.

Run for the greatest adventure is yet to unfold once again, the one with your Father’s fingerprint written all over every details, structures, people and places.

Im ready for 2015!

Jesus, Founder and Perfecter of Our Faith

12 Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and wsin which clings so closely, and xlet us run ywith endurance the race that is zset before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, awho for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising bthe shame, and cis seated at the right hand of the throne of God.   #Hebrews

When a Leader Falls

Last Thursday we are given a great chance to attend Alex Castillo’s class about Leadership Styles, it was very enlightening to say the least and I know if I can apply it at my life at once it will surely make a difference.
But this blog is not actually about the seminar, its about the video shown at the end of the seminar. Truth be told I’ve seen that video a lot of times, its about Derek Redmond running a great race when all of a sudden his hamstring got torn and he was in so much pain and his dad came to his rescue and he was able to finish the race. I cried again watching the video, try watching it and see if it will not elicit any emotions from you.
I cried watching the video because I remembered the time I was running a good race and I made a mistake that lead to other mistakes until I can no longer run in the same lane I was running before, do you get what I mean? It’s either you missed a great opportunity, you lose a position, you lose the trust of the people you love the most or the worst part that says after all your hard work you need to start over again-from scratch. That’s the worst feeling ever and it doesn’t matter wether it was brought about by a super simple foolish decision or a major blunder-the fact remains that now your present act has totally overwritten almost everything you have done in the past. And isn’t that the very truth about sin, how with one single blow it tries to destroy all our relationships, steals all our inheritance and beliefs and, kills our very heart and soul and convinces us that our great future has totally been rewritten for us.
Thank God the video did not end at Derrick Redmond, lying flat on the track race, crying out in so much pain and him being rushed by medics at the ER. Rather it ended with a loving father, fighting off the guard, telling his son its ok not to finish the race, nevertheless carrying his very weight all thru the finish line and he even got a standing ovation from everyone who’s watching.
I fell off once running a great track race that I was sure God wanted me to finish. Some people thought that I was not fit to run that track and suggested another race. I whined, I complained, I acted out and I fought hard for it but instead I got pushed off and I slip and stumbled and fell.
I should have been left writhing in pain in the gutter for the way I responded –who am I anyway to persist in what I want and to get it in whatever means possible-I’m not the Boss and Im not in charge-and same with you no matter how right you think you are and how injustice has happened to you.
God came to my rescue and He sent some of His great people to pull me out. In retrospect, that’s the main reason I was crying at the video. I was not flooded with memories of my downfall, I was flooded with memories of God’s grace and the loving people He surrounded me with.
People that I knew of have every right to scold me and point out all my mistakes 
but some people choose to just be there and just cry with me (literally at times)

My leaders could have simply said: “That’s it Babes, you blew your chance!” 
but the ones I’m really thankful the most are the ones who committed themselves into restoring me and giving me a second chance.

A lot of people made presumptions about who I was and what I was made of, 
some people heard my side, saw the bigger picture and responded like a true loving Christian.

There are those who choose to stay silent and just watched me get over it 
but Im really grateful for the ones who was willing to see my mess and help me clean it.

Getting off track is never an easy road, but the ones who made it out definitely did not do it on their own-they got help and they are willing to be helped.

So if you’re out there and you find yourself not in good shape to run your track again-shout for help! And if you are out there running a good race and saw somebody fall, slow down and help.
Writing this has challenged me to be more compassionate and loving towards people remembering where I’ve been and knowing what I would have become if nobody reached out. 
So here’s hoping that if you are out there reading this and
You have fallen: there is hope for today, a restoration process to go thru and a secured future Jesus has planned for you. DON’T GIVE UP!
You saw somebody fall: rise up to the occasion, don’t be afraid to get into the mess. FIGHT FOR SOMEBODY!
Remembering the truth God has shared with us..
Two are better than one,
 because they have a good return for their labor:
10 If either of them falls down,
 one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
 and has no one to help them up.
11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
But how can one keep warm alone?

12 Though one may be overpowered,
 two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12(NIV)

God did not forget you!!

So today was the third day our Annual Prayer and Fasting and also our monthly staff meeting nationwide. It started out quite ordinary until i was seated beside a co-campus missionary and while praying she said: “Ate, I’ll pray for you later ha” and of course i responded “Sure!”. Later turned out to be sooner that in expected, i think hindi talaga sya mapakali, she blurted out: “Are you praying for a condo?”. Wow, where did that came from (just thinking to myself). So i told her, about how last week one of my ministry partner just showed me her brand new house and how i uttered a prayer that “Lord, build me my own house too” (hindi naman masama mangarap, di ba?)
So I told her “Yes, I’m believing for my own house”. And she just told me this simple phrase: “God wants to let you know that He did not forget you”. You know i don’t have that condo yet but within split seconds of hearing that my heart was just overwhelmed with joy as if I have it already. So i just want to encourage you today:
God did not forget you!!
He saw every moment that you have labored praying for it, all the gallons of tears you’ve cried, the number of times you have consistently written it in your faith goals.
 God did not forget you!!
That promotion you’ve long been waiting for, that most elusive graduation, the undying prayer request of family salvation and restoration.
 God did not forget you!!
It has been listed down, He heard, He wasn’t deaf nor will He ever need any sleep for all of eternity. He took note of it and it will never be misplaced, forgotten or unfulfilled.
God did not forget you!!
Yes your love life-that man and woman you had pictured a million times in your mind, that baby you have been praying for, that transformation that you want for your family, that growth you are believing for in your life group, His own calling to be fulfilled, that financial breakthrough and complete healing.
God did not forget you, so hold on tightly even when people won’t believe you, or mock you and say that your dream is way too impossible. Even if people will think that you are hallucinating, getting crazier every day because of your faith. Write it down, keep on asking, keep on believing, keep on imagining things that has yet to be seen. But most of all:
Do not let go of what God has personally promised you because the only name at stake here is His not yours and He would never put you to shame.
The year has just started and God has already set in motion the things needed to fulfil what He has promised to you and me. Im just glad for the grace to wait and patience to hope against all hope. My prayer is that you yourselves with be filled with hope and faith today.
That’s how my day started and it actually ended watching this perfect video illustrating God did not forget- an actual miracle, and my faith soared up a little bit more.

Fasting Fasting din pag may time

So its that time of year wherein if you are part of our spiritual family we start the year with prayer and fasting and here’s why. So kapag malapit ng matapos ang taon I’m sure mixed emotions ang maraming tao:
-feeling EXCITED
feeling excited sa bagong taon
excited mag move-on lalo na sa mga naging broken-hearted
excited magcheck ng mga faith goals na natupad
at kung marami yun, nagkukumahog magsulat ng mas marami ngayon
-feeling CONFUSED
confused kung bakit nangyari ang mga di dapat mangyari
confused kung bakit hindi sinagot ni God ang mga faith goals na pinagpray ng taos-puso
confused kung bakit sila nasaktan
confused kung ano dapat maramdaman
-feeling AFRAID
afraid sa uncertainty ng bagong taon
afraid mag-risk ng emotions
afraid to dream again; afraid to have wounded faith
afraid to lose the people we love or things we value the most
ang mga payat na payat takot na lalo mas mangayayat sa fasting
ang mga bilugan at yung mabilis ang metabolism, takot namang magutom
determined bumangon sa lusak (sabay kanta ng Ulan ng Aegis)
determined wag masaktan at wag magpapasok ninuman sa puso
determined to show others “i can do better this year”
determined mag-make-over ng sarili
determined mag-bagong buhay, tupadin ang ilang taon ng New year’s resolution
determined maging tunay na kristyano, finally, in Jesus name!
I have mixed emotions pagpasok ng taon, well for one tatanda na naman ako ng isang taon- so no explanations needed, nakakatakot yun sa isang single woman :). Pero andun din ang excitement
dahil parang me clean slate ka parati pagpasok ng taon. That’s why I’m so thankful that we are starting this year ng Fasting
Fasting refocus my heart’s on what’s the most important
sino ba dapat ang pinaka-important?Si God at hindi ikaw yun!
Fasting re-aligneds my mind to know the truth-
hindi kung ano lang ang sitwasyon ko ngayon at gaano yun kahirap at kasakit
Fasting breaks me and breaks my heart in the most perfect way-yung bangon-na bangon ka after at mapapasigaw ka ng “ Thank you Jesus!”
Fasting wakes me up in the most tender way possible-yung tipong sinampal ka pero me halong pagmamahal, masakit pero nakaka-mature
Fasting helps me see who i truly am even just for 5days-kung gaano kadali ang ma-lose ang conviction mo sa isang mailiit na tsokolate, tinapay, tuyo, sardines, saging, itlog or kung ano pa mang random na pagkain na crina-crave mo hehe (wag magtaas ng kamay kung guilty, i feel you )
on top it all, Fasting gives me a glimpse of God, His undeniable presence, His overwhelming love, His gentle hand, His knowing-yet-fully-understanding gaze
-tanggap na tanggap ka ni Lord kahit gaano ka kadumi sa iyong paningin
So fasting-fasting din at bigyan ng time

Magfasting ka ng may saya-hindi yung parang sinukluban ka ng langit or nalugi ng 1million
Magfasting ka at magself-control hindi yung araw-araw gumagawa ka ng paraan para magka-excuse kang kumain at pilit mong kino-convince ang sarili mong Daniel fast ang carrot cake, oatmeal cookies at sangkatutak na french fries-sige ipush mo lang yan!
Mag-fasting ka sa mga bagay na naka-focus sa yo katulad ng pag-seselfie, pagmamayabang sa ibang tao ng klase ng fasting mo (sige ikaw na ang naka-water fast ), or pagpopost ng mga bagay na alam mo namang ikaw lang ang na-gloglorify.
Mag-fasting ka sa mga bagay na gustong-gusto mo-movies, series, games, pag shoshopping, pag sstalk sa gwapo/maganda mong crush at kung ano-ano pang apps (guilty ako dito, at bawal itanong kung sino ang crush ko dahil wala)
In short this time is not about you!
Ano ba naman ang 2x a year at 7days lang, ibig sabihin me 359 days kang kumain ng lahat ng gusto mo at gumawa ng selfie album kung pangarap mo talaga yun.
So fasting-fasting din at bigyan ng time, naway makuha natin ang puso ni David nung sinabi nya:
Sapagka’t isang araw sa iyong mga looban ay mabuti kay sa isang libo. Aking minagaling na maging tagatanod-pinto sa bahay ng aking Dios, kay sa tumahan sa mga tolda ng kasamaan.
Kung nanosebleed ka jan eto ang sa ‘yo:
One day spent in your house, this beautiful place of worship,
beats thousands spent on Greek island beaches.
I’d rather scrub floors in the house of my God than be honored as a guest in the palace of sin.
Psalm 84:10The Message (MSG)
Piliin natin ang tama at mabuti.
Naway mag-fasting tayong lahat ng may-saya sa puso, may pag-asang nararamdaman at may malaking pag-aasam na mas makikilala natin ng buong lubusan an ating Panginoon at maibibigay natin ang karampatang pagtuon at pagsunod sa kanya ngayong taon.
Kakampi mo ako at chinecheer kita sa patuloy nating pagbabago.

My mom, my unsung hero

My mom is an unsung hero

No renowned writer would have a chance to write about
An epitome of beauty no title or crowns required
She could have been a CEO, a lawyer 
or a world class businesswoman
for all the gifts and talents she has 
But as a lot of unsung heroes are 
she choose to be behind the limelight
choose to be a full-time mother, 
an excellent homemaker and a devoted wife
Choose to be my first discipler, my home-school teacher, 
my all subjects tutor,my personal hairdresser, seamstress, 
nutrionist from day 1 up to forever
Never knew a woman can have as many talents 
as she have until i met her
She is my life coach, the first one who taught me 
how to be a version 2.0
Braver, Bolder and Fiercer- that who she is
Knowing her i realised its possible to have 
7 kids, 0 helper and still havea happy, clean, fun and loving home
The list of her sacrifices-that one i could never get to write, because
it keeps longer everyday she has a chance to wake up and serve
The amount of love she gave-that one i could not measure as well
But one thing i know i could list down as her biggest legacy in my life
that is teaching the fear of God from the day I was born unto 
lifetime she gets to share with me.

Thats my mom, today you get a chance to know a glimpse of her
as for me i haver her lifetime to share with and eternity to worship God with

only You

Posted by Babes on Feb 9, ’08 6:06 AM via Multiply
You are like my  contact lens;
My vision is lost without you
You are like my reliable Mac
My life is disorganized without you
You are like Cookies and Cream
You chased away my blues
You are like a rainbow after the rain
You give me hope for another day
You are like my make-up kit
You make me feel beautiful in and out
You are like watermelons in summer
You are my thirst-quencher
You are like my flip flops
My first choice , anytime, anywhere
You are like my best dress
Of which I will be proud to wear always
You are like my newsletter
Each of which is worthy of pouring my heart into
You are like my scrapbook
You bring out the creative side in me
You are like my fluffy bed
You can carry all my weight
You are like a bathtub
You give new meaning to the word cleansing
You are like my favorite movie series
I can’t seem to stop watching you
You are like a love song
You evoke so much emotions from me
You are like a literary piece
You are my very source of inspiration

You are more than what words will communicate
(wish I knew another language)
You are more than beat, rhythm and tempo combine
(wish I could write a song)
You are more than all the splendor of the earth
(wish I could travel more and see it all)
You are more than all the vastness of the universe

You are my Friend-my confidante, my secret-keeper
You are my Coach-my inspiration, my mentor
You are my Counselor-my encourager , my sanity depends on you
You are my Teacher- my role model, my instructor
You are my King- my leader, my defender
You are my Healer-my balm, you clear my tears away
You are my Maker-my designer, the author of my instruction manual
You are my Savior-my lifeboat, the ultimate sacrifice
You are my Father-my rescuer, my loving embrace
You are my Lord-my master, my ultimate boss
You are love ,peace and joy personified
You are the ultimate Lover of my soul.
You are life itself- the only reason why I breathe….