how much do i love thee

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I love Thee for all the dreams thou has fulfilled in a special way…

For the surprises thou has brought each day
I love Thee for the rain brought in my eyes, the sorrow felt deep inside
For the character formed and foundations built
For the new strength found and grace kept
I love Thee for the unceasing laughter, for days I wish would never end
For all the secret smiles, the unexpected rendezvous
For the treasures you laid out and simply for finding you
I love Thee for all the battles I’ve encountered
every battles you’ve fought hard for and won for me
For healing my battle scars and continuously teaching me
I love Thee for every blessings brought for-noticed and unnoticed
For every supernatural favors given
For every relationship built and forged
I love Thee for giving me security and making me complete
For giving me the best reason to live
For giving me the an identity to keep

the day we almost died literally

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This is not a joke. This is not part of the 1 Life to Live series. This is a real life drama….
 Let’s backtrack a bit….Since I discovered that I have knack for arranging things and stuff, my bday has never been ordinary. Well I guess it has been a great challenge for my friends to organize my birthdays cause more often than not, I have planned my birthday days before it my mind and I have mapped out the necessary details, that they get lost in its intricacies.
Needless to say more often than not it doesn’t fan out as I imagine it to be to my biggest frustration J. But the paradox of it is that amidst my “Arranger” theme, my ideal birthday is really something I didn’t plan but a surprise one-yes I guess I’m crazy for having completely contrasting ideas.

 I am delighted that God  completely understands this unique side of me and is every year up to the challenge of giving me a unique and extraordinary birthday. Last year I was kind of depressed the week of my birthday, the morning of it I was crying really hard and to top it all minutes before the youth service, I got corrected-whoah! I was crying my hearts out in the comfort room before the service start because I thought I was a superwoman and could just hold everything in until the service was finished. But unfortunately I wasn’t that good-I have Lala to blame for being very sensitive for my emotional state hehe. Then the surprise bday came right after the service-an overflow of roses and chocolates and cake, my favorite song playing in the background-God is so good at making surprises.

 History has a way of repeating itself, I have big plans set up this year. Friday would be clubbing night with LB friends and Saturday would be an overnight at Graceland to clear out all the stress of the week with my close friends. Guess what? It didn’t go as planned, I’m amazed why Im still surprised. After all the texts has been made, it was settled, I’ll have to erase the picture of what I thought my birthday would be. But wait there’s more, we were not able to get tickets to Loverage after the long wait in the line and its 10pm already, just 2 hours before my birthday. I have to watch gruesomely as all my friends are slowly passing by getting near the entrance after almost 2 hours of waiting. I cant believe my eyes, it’s my birthday isn’t it and I was out sitting in the grass. Then abby’s call came, there was 2 tickets na available, wow there was hope finally.

 But as Zara and I navigate into the literally multitudes of people, there was already came a commotion. A bunch of JJs (jumping jologs) as they are famously known were literally jumping and pushing their bodies hard on the wall trying to barge inside. Warren guided us near the gate where abby and the ticket was. We lined up and stick ourselves closer to Mok. King and Cocoy. The banging continued, fear slowly creep inside of me cause we were with a lot of students and Im totally scared of what will happen. My biggest fear at this moment was what if there’s a stampede, how many students will I be able to protect and how? Plus the fact of the giant stones flying much like 3x my fist size. All of a sudden the reality of death looms and we are left to just pray and seek for God’s protection. Then the scream the JJs are now attacking our lines, we have to literally run, I was pushing Zara to go near the wall cause I don’t want to be trampled on, she has a sprain by the way. We gathered the kids at the back, they are shocked but at the same time excited, its as if the 1 Life to Live really became a reality for them. There were so many stories being told. Gavs, me and Glenn were contemplating on what to do next, of course we want to go home and be secured but I guess the risk also made the adventure very exciting. Then all of a sudden, there was a new line at the back, the men gathered us towards it, they put a line to secure us, some of the JJs were trying to get in, they have tickets but the officials are taking time to verify it pa and there was commotion again. Gosh the adventure continues!!

 Then we are finally inside, still aggregated together, what a funny sight as I recall it now. So we planned to enjoy the rest of the night, some eating food, others riding the ferris wheel or just going around. Zara and I had a henna tattoo, finally I’ve always wanted one.

 The fireworks countdown I guess was the high light of the night-as I look at it its as if I had a giant cake to blow with such amazing candles-awesome. I’ve always dream of having fireworks on my birthday and a countdown as well, its really an amazing site. 

What a crazy birthday blast indeed-God is so good!

I wanna quote what Glenn said nung pauwi na kami:
“Grabe pag campus minister ka dito sa UP literal na you are willing to die (in the line of work) ” True! True!
I wanna applaud all the QC men (especially the ENCM guys) who literally shielded and protected us throughout this ordeal. You are remarkable,admirable and very honorable! We are so proud of you!! Thanks for your willingness to literally take the stones for us. 
Special thanks to Mok, Warren, Cocoy,Dennis, King and Glenn kasi sila yung mga kasama namin sa line ni Zara.

UP Naming Mahal

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There are so many ways I can answer this question
I can say, blame it on my proud and brainwashing teachers who have instilled a great pride in me for being part of this university;
(I can hear their voices reverberating in my mind: “There are only two schools in the Philippines, UP and _________ “ whoah what a proud claim hehe!)
I can also say, blame it on my sisters who have graduated here who have their minds set on preparing me to be in this university and nothing else.
 And then there’s the great community in LB, that feeling of knowing almost everyone else, that when you see each other in another place, you just know if that person came from UPLB, right?
 The great Mt. Makiling, raptors in Botanical garden, trolley in IRRI, fertility tree, C park, kwek-kwek Tower, Papus siomai, proven .buco-pie and Mer-nel’s cake, atbp.
 Add to it the frat rumble, the rally and demonstrations, the death threats during election, the org hazing. (habulan ng tubo, hagisan ng philvocs during my batch), and the “jumping jologs” gate crashing the fair, where else can you find a more exciting university?
 BUT the truth is there is only one reason why I love UP
I met Jesus in UP, He transformed my life and I was never the same afterwards nor did I look at UP the same way after.
(If I met him in Ateneo, La sale or Mirriam, I know I’d have the same intense emotion for these campuses. But for now, my heart has been captured by one.)
I can grow old serving God in this university. I may not live to see the whole university transformed to serve Christ, but I know my children’s children will.
(My pastor used to tell me: “One day we will see all UP students undergoing 121 as a prerequisite in entering the university” Hmmmmm, why not?)
Today I will choose to help pave the way.
God has placed me here as a student for a purpose and even now as a campus missionary to continue what He has started.
Some people stake their claims on land, titles, positions and society sectors.
I choose to place my stake on this university.
I firmly believe that amidst the confident, proud, intellectual and activist look, every student apart from God is harassed and helpless deep within.
I firmly believe we are not just called to be great leaders, scientist, socialist, Nobel prize winners but on top of that be great servants, ambassadors and radicals for God.
I am greatly convinced that out of the 22,000 students walking its very pavement right now will rise up our nation’s best and brightest future lawyers, doctors, inventors, engineers, artist, tv personalities and even senators, congressmen and presidents.
I want to have an opportunity to share God’s love to them, an opportunity to tell them about how God can transform their life to something beyond their imagination, a chance to leave a legacy.
I dream of it producing the next Martin Luther, Winston Churchill, Mother Theresa, Billy Graham and not the next Hitler, Stalin or Ferdinand Marcos.
I dream of it producing a new generation of God-fearing leaders who will usher our nation to prosperity and unity. There is nothing really impossible in the God we serve.
And it is this intense cause that compelled me to write with audacity what’s burning in my heart. With the hope that as you chance to read this, you’ll have a deeper sense of destiny and reason why God has placed you in that specific work or university. With the trust that as God has moved me to follow Him here and remain here, you’ll have the same trust that there’s a commission He wants you to be drafted in.
The only question that remains is are you willing to see your university the way God wants you to see it? Are you willing to be a history maker in your Alma Mater?
I would like to end this as a real Iskolar ng Bayan would:
“Kung hindi ikaw, sino? Kung hindi dito, saan? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan?”

God has unlimited Macbook

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I just experienced a miracle and its more than what i ever hope for or imagine. 

The month of July has indeed been very exciting and challenging with all the planning for the freshmen events plus the daily grind of youth services, small groups and leadership group. Good thing is there has been ample time to plan everything-so it has been pegged for our UNLIGOD series, Glenn will be preaching 3 topics and Im
 assigned to speak on UNLIMITED RESOURCES- i was very excited!!

The days pass and i already have an idea on what Im going to speak-break poverty mindset and emphasize faith and generosity. But it seems that life has another plan and so it goes two weeks before i speak-my macbook got stolen. I was speechless and dumbfounded, what was I supposed to do? The days pass bye with hugs and condolences.
The next day it sank in,i wake up without my audio bible, my fave worship, my journal and my macsword. So i talked to God and just ask why? 
God: “who gave you, your first Macbook? “
Babes: “You!!”
God: “who can give you a new one”
Babes: “You!!” 
So it all started there, God gave me the faith to believe for a new one, the grace not to be discourage, the boldness to ask. 
My prayer:
“Lord, give me a Macbook pro before i preached about your UNLIMITED RESOURCES”

Week one pass by and after all the faith, boldness and grace i could muster i only have 16% of the goal- i was discouraged and wavering in faith and was already bargaining for God provide at least 50% before i speak. God has better plans, that day unexpectedly 50% came in, i was ready to believe again. It was a day before i preach and still at 80%. The day i preached i boldly confessed and claimed that God has provided the amount i needed. The day after the pledges for the amount came and i completed my goal 100%-it was saturday (july 4)-2 weeks after my macbook got

Today July 11,2009

Babypebbles says: “Im holding you now, yet i still can’t believe your mine” (tears) (tears).
Two weeks ago you are just a picture in my bedroom wall, but now you’re a reality.
Two weeks ago i thought i’ve lost you forever, but here you are-so shiny and brand new.
What a great gift you are to my life.

This is all i can say to my new Macbook Pro

Again I’m speechless and dumbfounded, feeling nothing but totally loved by an AMAZING FATHER AND UNLIMITED GOD. The same Father and Unlimited God that we all have. My prayer for you is that may you never cease to be expectant of H
im who can give you immeasurably more than what you can hope for or imagine.

Thank you so much for those who have generously invested and sown. May God return it to you a hundred fold. Thank you for helping me see a huge miracle!!

More than a beauty to rescue

Singing with the animals, dancing in the forest, pretty dresses, ogres, dragons and witches-like any other girl my childhood was filled with beautiful princesses and the dashing knights that rescued them. Those stories filled my dreams- that one day I would become a princess and my prince who shall bravely rescue me will come and get me and we shall live happily ever after in a great, grand castle

But as i grew up much as I love all those fairy tales, for me there is something missing-the princess’ adventure, why are they always just sleeping, waiting on a tower, imprisoned in the house and all. It all appears boring for me, if that’s only what a princess will do-then I would not aspire on being one anymore. Sadly, a lot of women today has reduced their real dreams into fairy tales-they had traded of lives of adventure into a just-waiting-for-my-prince-charming-to-come state. They would not take risk, do something brave, nor pursue their God given adventure.

Thus i loved the series of Once Upon a time because they have totally recreated my most loved fairy tales and have all given it a new twist. Like this conversation between Belle and the Beast:

Beast: What made you choose to come here with me?
Belle: Heroism. Sacrifice. You know there aren’t a lot of opportunities for women in this land to show what they can do, to see the world, to be heroes. So when you arrive that was my chance I always wanted to be brave, I figured do the brave thing and bravery will follow.

I believe that we should all aspire for being more than a beauty to rescue.
God has  wired us for a great adventure as well and we should never miss it
That’s why I love the Bible and how the women there are so out of the box, so un-cliche stories:

Deborah: the prophetess turned commander of an army
Jael: the homemaker turned  heroine 
Sarah: the granny turned mommy
Ruth: the seductress turned noble woman

And my latest fave: Esther: The Beauty Queen turned Leader
I actually just recently watched One Night with the King, a movie made way back in  2006 and i totally like their interpretation-its action packed, with a little love story and of course the biblical context were really there. My favorite scene was when Esther entered the Kings Court unannounced:

When we read it in the Bible, if our imagination is not that creative, then we might not be able to capture its true essence, the weight of it, the bravery that Esther has shown:
“I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish” 
WOW, I honestly don’t know if within my lifetime I will have the capacity to do that or say that even but I want to have a chance for a great adventure and Im glad that a lot of women has taken that step way ahead of me. 

Women who defied the world’s mold and insisted on a God -given identity.

Rachel Ong ,

Jeanne Mayo 

Lynette Lewis

even our very own Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio just to name a few

So here’s a shout out for the ladies out there:
Be a Mulan more than a Sleeping Beauty
Be brave, be bold 
Step up, stand up
Dream big and don’t lose hope
Take risk and evangelize
Travel and be an ambassador
Do your best to be a model to younger women
-we all live by faith and grace anyway
Don’t shy away from opportunities to lead
-it its from God, He’ll enable you to do it
Initiate conversations, don’t play hard to get
Speak about your Christ-redeemed past to many
Be an encourager not a nagger
Be obedient, not a brat
Train your emotions, don’t be an emotional wretch
Don’t limit yourself with what the world dictates
Rather live your lives to the full as God has intended it to be

Whenever, however, whatever it takes to do God’s will, 
dear women that’s our perfect place, identity and position 🙂

A father will always be a father

A father will always be a father no matter how old he may be- this I’ve came to know as a fact as I got to stay at our house 3 days last week.  Being a single professional, I’ve gotten used to going home at random hours. But last week was different

at 6:00pm- my dad would call to ask me where I am
at 7:00pm- he would ask me what time i’m going home
at 9:00pm- he would worry sick and make sure that I take the safest way home

I wonder how he would react if he finds out how late I go home when Im in Manila-please don’t tell him 🙂
But I was secretly happy that he worries over me, I AM SECRETLY HAPPY…..

…whenever he says my dog misses me because that’s his way of saying “i miss you”

…whenever he would tell me countless stories of our numerous pets
> because i know his gentle and generous heart has stayed the same from the moment i understood
that the reason behind all our pets are the numerous times he took pity at one and brought it home

…whenever he would ask me what time will I come home because that simply means that
he’ll tell my mom to cook my favorite meals and he’ll even cook it himself at times-
> he’s a great cook by the way

…whenever he would ask of the places I’ve been because i know next after it he would tell me
of the places he’s been of which I’ve never thought he has ever visited-he’s cool like that

…whenever he would say “thank you” after I said “I love you”, and yes he means “i love you too”

MY DAD IS THE ONLY ONE who cries at my simple gifts, he’s the only one who cries even when I make wedding jokes, but he cries mostly when I pray for him- i don’t know if I’ll ever meet a man as soft-hearted as he is.

My dad is also the only one i know of who has fed, clothe and send off to college 7 children even if he himself has not even finished high school. (but of course Im biased, this blog is for my dad 🙂

My dad is the only one i know who is a farmer, mechanic, technician, plumber, electrician,carpenter,driver,cook all rolled into a tiny built man-I wonder how he got to be so skilled, maybe its the effect of 7 children 🙂

My dad is the only one i know who would choose not to eat food if mine got spilled over and there’s nothing left in the kitchen, the only one who would “hunt” down a man in the field if he ever tries to cross me (he did this for real years ago), and i guess he would literally lay down his life for me if the occasion calls for it.

In the world’s eyes my dad would not be seen as famous, rich, educated nor an achiever but in my eyes he’s all of that and more because all of his love and sacrifice has enabled knowing God as my Father something tangible, and real. In fact my father made it so easy for me to see God as my Heavenly Father , to relate with Him without fear or shame , to relate with Him with audacious faith, to relate with Him intimately and to talk to Him freely-THAT’S MY DAD’S BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT.

So to all the great fathers out there, to those aspiring to be one and those being redeemed to be one, be the father that would point your children to their Heavenly Father, at the end of time it is actually the only thing that would matter the most.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! all your love, sacrifices and hard work bears testimony of the kind of love and sacrifices our Heavenly Father is willing to give to all His heirs and children

Confessions of a Campus Missionary: It’s A Wrong Mistake

April 10, 2012
A few years ago when I was still a very young campus missionary my dream of preaching at our youth service finally came. It actually came as an accident – (I could not remember the details though), all that I can remember was everyone is out and I have to do it. No matter what the circumstances maybe I was excited, I was all out for it not knowing the topic will be about “Lust”- wow, talk about first timer jitters magnified 100x. But then again this is a dream come true so I’ll bite the bullet and do the best that I can.
I remember really preparing hard for it-almost memorizing the whole thing. I inserted a lot of jokes and illustrations-you see the preachers in our church that time were really super funny and me- I was serious, so I really need to work hard J, or so I thought. The most awaited night came and there I was nervous beyond all what I imagine myself to be. But the moment I stood up I was more excited than scared. That night I preached the word boldly, gave it all I had, waited for the perfect timing for all my jokes and surprisingly enough they found me funny J. I was able to connect with the crowd and they responded beyond what I expected. Needless to say I was very happy, people congratulated me for a “ job well done”. I was ecstatic that I even posted the whole preaching on my blogsite (note: my no 1 theme is communication).
When my leader came back- I was all smiles, not saying anything but definitely waiting for a compliment. But to my shock, he told me he read my post and told me that the context of my whole preaching was wrong. But that’s not the end of it, I have to go back to my Bible, study the topic again-deeply look in the right context this time and make another blog retracting all my previous statement-Wow! Talk about intense reaction!
Despite of everything I was thinking and feeling, I swallowed my pride whole and did exactly what I was told-mind you it was not an easy thing because I really thought I did well that time.                                       
Little did I know that I would carry these lessons for life:
to handle God’s word with fear and trembling,
to teach biblical truths and not just give a good preaching;
to please God more than to win the favor of men
My leader learned a very good lesson as well:
to teach and train new preachers and not just assume they can do it;
to not just trust new people but more so empower them;
  to be diligent in imparting a discipline for correctly handling the word;
> this is what he has exactly done right after and for that I will be forever grateful 🙂
Thus I was able to develop the following habits that keeps on improving as I continuously interact with people who are seasoned in this field:
  Study hard (need I say more? hehe), pray even harder, and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit
    to make sure God’s words ministers through me first before I share it to others-no matter how difficult it would get;
  to ask as many mentors as I can about different parts of my preaching- I have learned that different preachers have different forte 
  to listen to podcast, read books and learned from seasoned preachers
   to bounce off my preaching to those who would give me honest and helpful feedbacks and get evaluation as well right after the event.
Indeed I am very thankful that my leader was not just content to trust me once to preach, but that he was committed to train me to be a great preacher.
I am thankful that he did not mince words in instructing me despite the fact that he knows I would get hurt –because truth be told it was a good pain. I am also thankful that God gave me the grace to keep on learning and keep on teaching along with  the same commitment that my mentors had for me.
My hope and my prayer is that we will spur one another to be guardians of His word.
As Paul Barker would always say in our Church History class:
“Bad theology kills people”- it literally did during the time of Crusades 🙂

Here’s a great reminder for all of us:

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who CORRECTLY HANDLES the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15
May the grace of God abound richly in your life J

its a Lonely Planet

Have you ever had those moments when you feel lost and alone in a sea of people?
Ever wondered why sometimes amidst a very long talk with someone you still feel unheard?
Its utterly crazy but there are those times as well when you have a “nagging thought” that something is wrong and you try hard figuring it out when you are not even sure it exist.
I have moments like that and usually its frustrating when you cant figure out where its coming from and “how to get it fixed”, scenarios like these run wildly in your mind:
A. maybe I’m not praying enough or not praying the “right things”
B. a little more bible reading might help, guess I’m not  just being focused at the moment;
C. worse case scenario is when people accuses you of “having sin in your heart” or not being “religious” enough or being too religious on the other end
It’s a never ending thought and action cycle-over thinking and analyzing things then overdoing what seems “logical” to be done.
Tonight while I was listening to Gary V. on High Street singing I Will Be Here I was just reminded of one simple thing:       
Sometimes all we ever needed is a constant reminder that God is here- His presence is real.
♫♪ I will be here
When you feel like being quiet

When you need to speak your mind
I will listen

And I will be here
When the laughter turns to cryin’

Through the winning, losing and trying

We’ll be together
I will be here ♫♪
I am not oversimplifying things but even Jesus said this:
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matt 11:28                    COME TO ME-that’s all He said, no ifs or buts or any other prerequisites.

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” Jeremiah 31:25
He will refresh and satisfy!. He will-not us!

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29
He gives strength and power! again He gives-not us!
HE WILL … not us
Sometimes our biggest problem is in trying our best to be a “good Christian”, even the things we ought to just give to Jesus we do our best to “fix”. Sometimes our problem is not the real issue. The real issue is we don’t know how to abide, to be still and let Jesus be the one in charge.
So the next time you feel lonely, sad, weary, depressed, alone, unsure and even for other emotions imagined or real. Be utterly convince that
JESUS IS WITH YOU- His presence is all you ever needed.
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

DIARY CONFESSIONS #1 Broken Hearted Me

I wrote this some time ago, an actual journal entry, may you learn from my foolish mistakes….          (date withhold to protect the “innocent” characters in this true to life confession hehe)
Forgetting him is easier than I expected to be, maybe just the thought of a better looking guy (hahaha) is enough to help me reel into reality and push aside whatever we had-actually I’ll be very honest and say there really isn’t much to hold on to after all. I got defrauded by a boy whom I thought was man enough to protect me. Truth be told, I also made myself too vulnerable-my emotions too open, I practically wore my heart on my sleeve (such a no-no in this situation). I was too confident, Bible says pride goes before destruction, indeed pride goes before a broken heart as well.
Oh well I forgive (his name) for not protecting me as a sister.
I forgive myself as well for being emotional too soon over and over again.
May God forgive me for not obeying Him completely and for not waiting on Him and His perfect plans.
Help me Jesus, help me to put my heart and emotions on a complete rest and hibernation mode, freeze it if possible. Wake it up when he comes, when Your perfect time has arrived and not any nanosecond sooner. Wake it up when he’s ready to claim me completely not hesitantly, when an engagement ring awaits to be bought and the altar short to being booked in a heart beat. I am setting my faith on this kind of set-up, because You alone can make this possible.
Lord make my husband as bold as a lion, that when he comes there’s no second guessing or a period of confusion or hesitation.
Give him the faith of Abraham, that when he pursues me it will be extravagant, that I’ll see Your faithfulness and goodness in his life.
Make him as sweet as David who has written songs and psalms.
Lastly, give him a Christ-like heart that he may be Your most tangible expression of love to me.


I hate movies that don’t have a happy ending; call me typical but I dare say na kung pupuyating ka na rin lang ng isang teleserye ng 24 hours at papaiyakin ng 1 balde-it should compensate for at least a very happy ending,right? Its just fair J. I guess this has borne out of a childhood habit, after listening to all those fairy tales of a happily ever after of all the Disney princesses-it has raised up girls and women who wants to have their own version of a fairy tale.
But as you have known by now, its just a fairy tale, our real life seems to consist more of an ogre or the witch’s side of the story (of course im exaggerating just by saying this). Our dreams don’t always come true as we expect them to be, no matter how much we try, no matter how many “good works” you think you’ve done. The reality is life more often than not, life is unfair, no matter if you are in faith for something to the nth level-nothing guarantees a full-proof dream come true.
How many of you loves Hebrews 11: the Hall of Faith? I do! I love the names of everyone listed there-they are …..
…people who waited when time seems to give them only milliseconds of hope
…people who seems to be doing the foolish things imaginable in front of everyone yet they are unashamed
…people who endured and stood the test
But then there’s this part that says…
“All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance.” Heb. 11:13
 “These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised.”  Heb. 11:39
How can this verse be here exactly at the area that teaches us what faith is all about? Oh how I want to delete it and give it my happy ever after version of things.
But come to think of it, isn’t that what faith is all about….
Seeing in things even when it doesn’t seem to make sense
(“they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance”)
Believing not on what we now have but rather on what was promised
Fixing our eyes not on the giant barring our dreams rather on the author and perfecter of our faith-JESUS!
Last year I had a lot of unanswered prayers and so many broken dreams but one thing I do have consistently is Jesus.
I never thought I’d get to say this but  JESUS IS indeed ENOUGH
Being with Him is worth all the pain I have gone thru or will again go thru if He asks me to.
JESUS IS WORTH IT-He’s worth pouring out all our tears to, worth all those sleepless nights, all those chocolates and sweet foods we ate just to feel less miserable. He’s more than worth it-all the challenges, the heartaches, the conflicts we have gone thru. Its all worth it-all the time we think was “wasted” because things didn’t go our way, all the emotional investment we made because we choose to take a risk and trust Him.
I believe everything sown in faith will be reaped accordingly even if it was a well of tears.
Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. Psa. 126:5
And the truth is Hebrews 11 actually has a happy ending
“God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.” Heb. 11:40
 A PERFECT FUTURE TOGETHER WITH GOD- I don’t know if there is anything in all of eternity better than this!
So no matter what your current circumstances dictates,

CHOOSE GOD over it.
Choose to believe
Choose to endure
Choose to live by faith
Choose to live!